Removing negative items is one of the fastest ways to increase your credit score.

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How it works

1 Check

First, we analyze your credit reports and work with you to identify any questionable negative items hurting your score. We’ll build a custom game plan based on your unique situation.

2 Challenge

Next, we challenge the identified negatives with the bureaus and your creditors. If they can’t prove that the items are accurate, fair and substantiated, they are required by law to remove them.

3 Change

When a negative item is removed from your credit, we briefly celebrate (sometimes with cake). Then, we get back to work, tack- ling the other questionable items still on your reports.

40 points
4 months

Previous members have seen an average 40 point TransUnion credit score gain during four months of membership.

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J. Savage

"This company is amazing!! We have worked with them for about four weeks now. When I say worked, I mean, gave them info and sat back and watched. Thank you for making this process so stress free!!!"

- J. Savage, Utah**

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