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Whether you've already experienced a bankruptcy and are now dealing with having one on your credit reports or are considering filing for bankruptcy, there are solutions out there for you. If your debt situation has gotten completely out of hand, you may be considering bankruptcy. Read More

Best Solutions for Debt Management

Dealing with increasing debts is a scary proposition. If you continue along the path you are on you will be stuck helplessly watching your bills grow while your bank accounts dwindle and you face the prospects of missed payments, collectors and a diminishing credit score. Read More

Credit Card Advice for Students

Young adults are being inundated with unsolicited credit card applications. Credit card companies are particularly anxious to have college students as customers. Read More

Credit Card Debt

While credit cards can provide a sense of financial freedom, they can also wreak extraordinary damage when their use is left unchecked. Credit card interest adds up fast and debt can accumulate quickly. Read More

Credit Repair & Scores After a Foreclosure

When you purchased your home you undoubtedly did not think the day would come when your home would be repossessed or taken over. Yet, sadly so many home owners have met the fate of foreclosure. Read More

Credit Repair vs. Bankruptcy

While just the word 'bankruptcy' may make you nervous, it may be just what you need if you're unable to meet your payments each month. If you don't see any hope in sight, filing for bankruptcy may give you the breathing room you need. Read More

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can be the rescuing hero to many financially over-extended Americans. Your first task in deciding if this measure is the right one for you to take in your present situation, is to gather the statements of all your loans and credit cards together and list the names, balances owing, and interest you are paying. Read More

Debt Settlements on Your Credit Report

For most people, debt settlement should only be considered as a last resort to filing bankruptcy because of the effects that participating in a debt settlement program has on your credit rating. Understanding how debt settlement works is key to understanding the results a debt settlement program can produce. Read More

Debt Solutions

Debt comes in many forms, and chances are you're dealing with it in one way or another. Whether your debt comes in the form of a home mortgage or in the form of eight maxed out credit cards, there are steps you can take to improve your situation. Read More

Declaring Bankruptcy: Know the Alternatives

Americans are carrying more in debt now than they ever have before. Because of this trend, bankruptcies are on the rise. Read More


You certainly never imagined you'd be facing foreclosure when you purchased your new home. Whether you're dealing with an existing foreclosure on your credit reports or are trying to avoid having one, we can help. Read More

Getting Rid of High-Interest Credit Cards

Partly because of the ease of obtaining credit, many Americans go to bed at night with a knot in their stomachs due to their bills and the exorbitant amounts they are paying each month in interest. Credit card debt has spiraled out of control, and many consumers have had enough. Read More

How Does Debt Counseling Work?

The average household in the United States is in debt to the tune of about $14,500, not including mortgage debt. More and more consumers have over-extended themselves financially. Read More

How to Consolidate Debt on Your Own

There is more than one way to consolidate your personal debts. You may think the only way to consolidate your debts is to use a debt consolidation company. Read More

How to Deal with Foreclosure

When you purchased your home, you no doubt had every expectation of making your monthly mortgage payments until you either paid the house off or sold it. Unfortunately, unforeseen disasters and tragedies happen to everyone from time to time, and it can be difficult, even seemingly impossible, to plan or prepare for them. Read More

How to Get Back Repossessed Cars

Each year, over 17 million new and 14 million used cars are sold in the United States. With new cars costing an average of $25,000 and used cars nearly $9,000, it is clear that the automobile market is strong and growing. Read More

How to Get Out of Tax Debt

'In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes' Benjamin Franklin made this statement over 200 years ago and it is just as relevant today. For many people with tax debt, facing the aggressive debt collection tactics of the IRS is something that makes them feel as helpless as facing the Grim Reaper itself. Read More

Is Consolidation Best for Student Loans?

In recent years, the cost of a college education has grown to the point that the average college graduate today leaves college with a degree and almost $20,000 in student loan debt. To make matters worse, college tuition costs have outpaced the amount of financial assistance many students are able to receive from low-interest government loans forcing students to apply for private student loans with higher interest rates and much less forgiving payment plans. Read More

Managing Your Debt

By taking responsibility for and tackling your debt problems now, you can make them manageable and, in time, nonexistent. We can help by providing you with the options to improve your situation. Read More

Solutions for Credit Card Debt

Many Americans are falling into the trap of buying more than their incomes will support because they don't want to wait until they can afford to pay cash. Besides the 'I want it now' mentality, people are also finding themselves in debt as the cost of living continues to rise while wages remain the same. Read More

Student Loans

A college education can leave the average student with a degree; and thousands of dollars in debt. While a college degree can certainly go far in aiding new graduates in the workforce and in other arenas, the debt that seems inevitable can take away from the advantages of college attendance. Read More

Tax Debt

Taxes are inevitable. If yours have gotten out of control and you're finding yourself in debt to the government, we can help you manage your situation. Read More

The Current Economic Crisis & Your Finances

The US Economy is currently in a desperate downward spiral, and although the government is frantically approving a $700 billion debt buyout and hurriedly developing contingency plans, the finances of the individual consumers like you and I usually have no such bail outs or contingencies. It's pretty simple really. Read More

The Effect of Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

Getting buried in credit card debt is an easy thing to do. Perhaps you were paying for school, taking care of medical emergencies, or simply using your credit card for purchases that were within your means at the time but suffered a setback in the workplace. Read More

Tips on Using Credit Cards Wisely

1. Establishing credit using plastic: If you're just starting out with credit, don't apply for multiple cards at a time. Read More

Voluntary Auto Repossession (Repo)

A voluntary repossession involves the borrower giving his or her car back to the lender, usually because the borrower is no longer able to make the required payments. Sometimes, with the cooperation of the lender, consumers return property as a way of reducing their debt ratios. Read More

What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy

While a bankruptcy is removed from your credit report once seven to ten years have passed. It can even be removed earlier if you hire a legitimate credit restoration company to assist you in having your bankruptcy removed. Read More

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