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Auto Leasing vs Purchasing

When you need a new car, you need a new car loan, right? Not necessarily. Read More

Auto Loans

You've had your eye on that car for a long time now, and you're finally in a position to make it yours. And, while you may be anxious to buy it now, you'll save money in the long run if you think and prepare beforehand. Read More

Auto Loans and Your Credit Score

For many of us, buying a car is the most expensive investment we make after buying a home. Sometimes everything works out just like it should, but all too often we find ourselves needing to purchase a car at the worst possible time, when we are overloaded with other debts and our credit is not at its most polished. Read More

Buying a Home with Poor Credit

Most of us long to own a home. We see this idealized place as our shelter in bad times. Read More

Fix your variable interest rates

Many homeowners find themselves in a position where their monthly mortgage payments are steadily increasing because their variable interest rate continues to rise. What started out as a nice low monthly payment with a highly competitive interest rate has ballooned as the economy has changed. Read More

Getting your Home to Work for You

Unforeseen events happen all the time. A divorce or death can devastate us, emotionally and financially. Read More

Home Equity

The equity in your home can be a valuable resource. By using your home equity wisely, you can make your investment work for you. Read More

Home Equity Loans: Maximizing Resale Value

If you own a home, you have probably thought about fixing it up. Maybe you would like new cabinets in the kitchen, a second bathroom, a family room or a deck. Read More

Home Loan Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Why would anyone want to own their home? Here are just a few reasons: owning offers a sense of security; it allows you the freedom to do things to make your life richer such as redecorating, planting trees, digging up the garden, or maybe adding on a den. Read More

Is an Interest-Only Loan Right for You?

Many mortgage brokers today offer interest-only loans where, for a fixed period of time, the borrower's minimum monthly payments consist solely of the interest on the loan. The borrower then has the option to choose how much additional payment they want to apply to the mortgage principal. Read More

Loan Center

We all need a little financial help every once in awhile. What plans lie in your future? Read More

Lowering the Interest Rate on Your Mortgage

Purchasing a home is an exciting venture. At the same time, the financial stresses involved often seem overwhelming. Read More


Looking for, purchasing and moving into a new home are all exciting firsts. You're excited to be your own landlord and to pay into an investment of your own. Read More


So, you've decided to refinance your home mortgage. Whether interest rates have gone down across the board or your credit has improved since you first applied for your loan, it's likely a refinance could help you. Read More

Refinance, Consolidate your Debts, and Save

If your debts have stacked up to the point where you feel like you're drowning, you might be looking for ways to make life a little simpler. One avenue to consider is refinancing your mortgage. Read More

Selling Your Car

Are you considering buying a new car? While trading in your vehicle at the dealership may be convenient, you can usually count on losing money if you do so. Read More

Straight Talk About Student Loans

Going to college these days can be an uneasy, expensive prospect. According to Nellie Mae, an organization which provides student loan programs, undergraduate student loan debt has increased significantly over the past ten years. Read More

Tips for Purchasing your Next Car

Does the purchase of a car seem like more hassle than fun? For many of us, time-crunched and wishing to hang on to our money, it does. Read More

Understanding closing costs and fees

The time has come to buy your first home. It has taken years to save up an amount of money that you feel will cover a down payment. Read More

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