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Looking for, purchasing and moving into a new home are all exciting firsts. You're excited to be your own landlord and to pay into an investment of your own. Understanding and navigating the mortgage process, however, can prove daunting.

Let us help you figure out what loan is right for you and how much house you can afford. We want this to be a happy, rewarding experience for you, and with a little research and preparation, it certainly can be.


Lowering the Interest Rate on Your Future Mortgage

Purchasing a home is an exciting venture. At the same time, the financial stresses involved often seem overwhelming. Smart financial planning can help you get into... Read More

Buying a Home With Poor Credit

Most of us long to own a home. We see this idealized place as our shelter in bad times. We love the thought of being able to decorate the entire series of rooms to our... Read More

Is an Interest-Only Loan Right for You?

Many mortgage brokers today offer interest-only loans where, for a fixed period of time, the borrower's minimum monthly payments consist solely of the interest on the loan... Read More

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