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Business, economics, and finance are complex subjects that can require a substantial amount of research to understand. Luckily, several resources on the Internet can easily introduce novices to these concepts and apprise long-term followers of new developments. In addition, these resources can provide insight into national and international trade practices. Whether you want to start a new business or understand how a specific industry affects the economy, the following resources will allow you to determine how commerce affects the world. Glance at general overviews or read publications detailing minute statistics for a clear picture of modern-day business around the globe.

Academic Resources

  • Global Business Libraries for Academics: A collection of business libraries from North and Central America, the Asia-Pacific region, and Europe provides an invaluable resource for business researchers.

Business Associations

  • American Bankers Association: This organization acts on behalf of two million people involved in the banking industry and diligently works towards economic growth and job creation within the United States.

The Business of Banking

Researching Specific Businesses

  • EDGAR Company Filings: The United States Securities and Exchange Commission offers company look-up tools.

General Business Websites

  • Small Business Facts and Data: The Small Business Entrepreneurship Council discusses the impact of small businesses on the economy and trade practices.
  • Business Education: The Consumer Product Safety Commission educates business owners on how to maximize product safety and also provides injury statistics.

E-Business Websites

Economics and Statistics Resources

  • Economic Indicators: The Council of Economic Advisers publishes monthly reports detailing gross domestic product, business activity, international statistics, and other pertinent points about the economy.
  • Archive of Economic Indicators: The United States Government Printing Office provides an archive of monthly reports on economic indicators for the past 20 years.

Information for Entrepreneurs

  • Better Business for Businesses: The Better Business Bureau provides tool kits, guides, and resources for companies to achieve great reputations in marketplace.

Investment and Financing

  • Bonds: The United States Securities and Exchange Commission describes how bonds work and provide resources for investors.
  • How to Invest: The Motley Fool offers a wealth of information on getting started with investing.

Tax Information

  • Tax Information for Businesses: The Internal Revenue Service provides an easy-to-read guide on tax issues for business owners.
  • Small Business Taxes: The Internal Revenue Service offers a virtual workshop for small business owners to understand taxes.

United States and Foreign Trade Resources

  • Trade Statistics: The International Trade Administration offers a wide array of data on United States and sub-national trade. Exporting information, including companies and tariffs, is also included.

Wages, Pay, and Salaries

  • Minimum Wage By State: CNN Money provides an interactive illustration that highlights minimum wage amounts for every state in the nation.
  • Living Wage Calculator: The Department of Urban Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) showcases its collection of data regarding the minimum wage and the so-called "living wage," including how it's calculated and how these numbers often fail to meet the basic needs of wage earners.

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