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Learning About Money for Kids

Having money and being able to manage it properly is quite a big responsibility. You need to know how to spend it wisely, and also how to save or invest some for later on. There is quite a lot to learn about dealing with money, but even kids can get started early on! A great way to do this is by asking your parents or teacher to help you create a spending budget and savings plan for your allowance. In the summer, you might even start a little business or get a job to earn more. As you grow older, it becomes even more important to know all about using money properly. Adults need to pay bills, plan for the future of their family, and also earn money so that they can live well. Check out these resources for all you need to know about money, finances, and economics!

Managing Your Personal Finances

  • Jump Start - Kids can find heaps of personal finance resources here!
  • Budgets - Find out what a budget is and how to make one of your own.
  • All About Saving - Learn about saving and why it is a good thing to do.
  • A Guide to Banks (PDF) - Check out this comic to learn how banks function and how they can help you.

Online Money and Finance Games

  • Spending Wisely - In this game, you get to decide how and where to spend your money!
  • Finance Arcade Games - Try Money Metropolis, Peter Pig's Money Counter and other fun games to learn about finances!
  • Escape from Barter Islands - Learn all about trading goods and services.
  • The Change Maker - Practice making change for various amounts in different currencies.
  • Savings Quest - Get an imaginary job and try to pay all your bills while still saving money!
  • At the Farm - At this special farm, you can only buy things if you have the exact change.
  • Lemonade Stand - Can you budget well enough to run your own lemonade stand?
  • FedMatch - Play a card matching game based on money words and phrases.

Money Printables

  • Coins for Snacks (PDF) - Read the Snack Shack menu and count out the coins needed for each treat.
  • Customized Worksheets - Configure the settings to create your own money worksheets.
  • The Econ Explorers (PDF) - Print this journal to help track your spending.
  • My Money Workbook (PDF) - Print and work through this book on borrowing, saving, investing and much more.
  • Money Word Puzzles - Complete the money word games and matching puzzles.
  • Counting Money - Use the worksheets to learn how to count coins correctly and quickly.

Money WebQuests and Research Projects

  • Savings for Kids - Research how and why kids can save money.
  • Economics - In this webquest, kids learn how economics functions and affects our world
  • Foreign Currencies - Investigate an international crime gang and learn about foreign currencies along the way!
  • Where Does Money Go? - Complete this webquest to learn how money circulates.

Teaching Resources for Parents and Educators

  • Interactive Notes - Introduce kids to new note denominations with a virtual interactive 3D demo.
  • Economics Resources - Pick from various economics games and articles geared towards kids.
  • Economics Lessons - This page offers plenty of lesson plans with varying economic and financial themes.
  • Young Entrepreneurs - Help kids learn about business skills with this government program.
  • Money History - Guide kids through the history and evolution of money.
  • Finance Activities - These finance activities and lessons can be used in class or at home.
  • Finance Skills - Get kids used to basic finance skills from an early age.

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