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Hi Michael.

It’s Sable with, how are you? I’m doing great, yourself? Good, good. During your interview, you said a couple things that sparked our interest.

Hi, my name is Michael Braziel, from Temple Texas. My credit score was at a 530 I want it to be high so that in case I do decide to go out and buy something my APR will be low. I would love to be able to take my kids across, let them see Disney World or Disney Land. And knowing that I can do this for my family and let them see another side of the world.

So, would love to fly you and your family to Disney Land California this summer. All-expenses-paid. And we wondered if you think that’s something you, your family, and especially your two little boys would like to do this summer?

Oh, they’d love that!

They’re so excited! They thought we were going to Sea World! And we’re at Disney Land. I couldn’t even sleep I was so excited! I was like, “wow!” It was like wow! I got the text at work and I was like shaking.

I wanna go on the train! Thank you guys! Thank you guys!

I’ve seen my credit score go up. They’re actually disputing old credit history, they’re getting that out of the way for me. I feel like they’re doing something that I wasn’t able to do and by the time I actually start getting ready to purchase things, I believe I’ll be able to do it. There’s no giving up, there’s no quitting, you have to stay focused. If this is what you want. I’m on my way up! I’m on my way to where I need to be. Try, give them a call. If nothing else, I believe that they can help you.

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