Member Rosa Meets her Advisor, Betty

ROSA: My name is Rosa Carillo. I’m here from Los Angeles, California. The person on the phone was very nice to me. They asked me about my situation and I went ahead and explained it. You know, she went ahead and told me, you know, Rosie, I really think we can help you. And that meant the world to me.

BETTY: I would have never expected this opportunity. Ever, in a million years. And when I got it, I was like “Oh my gosh, yeah. I would be crazy not to take this.” And then to meet all the people and just the experience. It’s definitely one I’ll never forget. It’s not just a job but it’s more ya know. It’s your dream. It’s a life. It’s your life and your giving somebody else back their life. So it’s just a whole new adventure.

ROSA: I called and Betty answered. And she went ahead and asked me about my situation. And I went ahead and explained it to her. And she told me that she thinks, she told me that she would be able to help.

BETTY: She was sad. You could tell in her voice that she was sincere though about wanting to fix her credit. Just needed a helping hand. Needed to know the right direction to go. And I knew we could get her there.

ROSA: She really took interest in me. As a person. You know. It wasn’t just a sales call. It seemed like she really did care about what was going on. She was really interested in really making a change in my life. I know that if I ever need help or if I have a question, Betty is gonna be there to answer that for me. And guide me every step of the way!

BETTY: It’s always good to know a client you can help You always wonder later on what impact you’ve had with them and their credit and their life and the changes it might have made. And to get to meet her and hear her true testimony and how she started And where she’s come, how far she’s come, definitely makes a good impact on me. Makes me feel terrific.

ROSA: When you call other companies, you can tell they just want your money. That’s all they care about. But you know, when I got on the phone with Betty, I could really tell that she did want to help me. She really did care about making my future better. So that’s great. Thank you!

BETTY: You’re welcome. That’s our goal. To make somebodies life forever changing in a positive way. Give them the hope that they need, let them know we are there to help them. You know, stands behind it’s word. 100%. Rosa is proof of that.

ROSA: Oh yeah. 100%!



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