How Can Help Fix Your Credit After Identity Theft


My name is Marquita, I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I’m a medical clerk. An aunt of four, no kids of my own. But I take them in as my own. At 22, I bought my first home. Then shortly after 22, I bought my second one.

Somewhere in between, my credit started declining. Found out that I became a victim of identity theft. During the holiday season, I started getting calls accounts being used that I had no knowledge that it was being used. I didn’t do it so someone else had to do it. I found it annoying that it was done and I had to be the victim.

I called, I liked what I was hearing over the phone and shortly after that I saw some deletions. This is working, I see my credit, you know, get higher and higher. I feel like I’m getting back to where I was when I first start using credit. In nine months, it took my credit from 651to a 703. My goal is to be back at about 780, or higher.

It’s a relief having in my corner. They keep their word. 100%. When you know things, you will do better because you know them. You learned from it. I learned from it. So I’m gonna do better.

Call like I did!

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