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How to Repair Your Credit?

Let us help guide the way! You don't have to live with bad credit and high interest rates. At we are the credit experts you need to help you take control of your credit report. With our knowledge, experience, and advanced technology, we'll help you create a personal game plan to help you repair your credit.
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What We Do

Repair Your Past Inaccuracies

Sometimes it takes someone with experience to remove the thorns. We'll work to ensure your credit history is up-to-date and accurate.

Score Advisor

We communicate with the credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the inaccurate, negative report items that affect your credit score and offer a personalized credit score improvement analysis.

Score Tracker

We offer a personal online dashboard that helps you to track the movement of your score.

Transunion Credit Monitoring & Identity Theft

Keep your records protected with TransUnion monitoring and theft protection.

Unauthorized Inquiries

We will help you to eliminate those pesky credit parasites and make sure that your credit report reflects you honestly.

Credit Information

The more you know, the more your score can improve. We want to empower you to make a significant, long-lasting lifestyle change that can give you access to your financial dreams.

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Is Credit Repair worth it?
What is a credit repair company and how can they help you?
How long does it take to fix bad credit?
What are the costs associated with your service?
Is Credit Repair worth it?

To know whether credit repair is worth it, you just have to look at what your credit impacts. These days, it seems like it's just about everything. When you start realizing how far it goes, it's easy to see how having less than ideal credit can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of a home or car loan. It can make even everyday needs and decisions more difficult. Luckily, having the experts at working to help you tackle your credit issues costs only $99.95 a month. It's a pretty great value that may impact a lot of the things you value most!

What is a credit repair company and how can they help you?

Although you have the ability to repair your credit alone, seeking the help of an experienced credit repair company is an option. Our expert processes have helped people take control of their financial lives since 1997, and our track records speaks for itself. Choosing us will allow you to take advantage of our proven, three-step process:

  1. Check. When you sign up, we instantly pull your credit reports. We then organize the information in a way that helps you to identify items you may want to challenge or change.
  2. Challenge. This is where it is so critical to have the experts on your side. We interact directly with the credit companies and help them to meet their obligations as applicable to your particular situation and plan. We know the industry, and we know how to use the rules to protect you.
  3. Change. We make it easy to stay connected so that you can monitor your progress with helpful tools including a personal online dashboard, score tracker and analysis, mobile apps and text and email alerts.

How long does it take to fix bad credit?

There is no fast and easy answer to this question. The time it takes to fix your credit is completely dependent upon your personal situation. In that regard, values each member's unique situation and provides a customized game plan to suit varying member needs. Previous members have seen an average 40-point credit score increase during their first 4 months.

What are the costs associated with your service?

As valuable as the possibility of better credit is, the cost to start taking control of it is simple: it's $99.95 per month. Separate from the service, there is a one-time charge of $14.99 to pull your credit report for you. There will never be any additional costs or fees - it's that straightforward.

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