SEATTLE, WA – (PR Web) March 14, 2014 — CreditRepair.com president Scott Smith spoke Friday in recognition of National Consumer Protection Week 2014. CreditRepair.com provides information and guidance to its members regarding various credit report problems.

“Recently, the FTC reported that identity theft led the list of top consumer complaints nationally last year,” Smith said. “Certainly this is a problem we confront every single day in our work.”

Honors National Consumer Protection Week

The Federal Trade Commission’s report declared identity theft and debt collections as its top two consumer complaints for the year.

“So many of our members come to us as victims,” Smith stated. “Many have been targeted, often online, by identity thieves who have wrecked their financial reputations. Others have been mistreated by third-party debt collectors who have ignored legal prohibitions against abusive collection practices.

“National Consumer Protection Week provides an opportunity to make consumers aware of these types of personal financial challenges.”  Smith underscored CreditRepair.com’s mission to help ensure that consumer credit reports remain fairly represented, accurate, and thoroughly verified.

“All consumers have the right to question what appears within their credit reports,” Smith added. “Although these files help banks and others to qualify their prospective borrowers, somebody needs to speak forcefully when those credit reports become problematic.”


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For more than a decade, CreditRepair.com has assisted thousands of consumers with effective solutions for reclaiming their credit scores and reports. CreditRepair.com works to ensure that what creditors report to credit bureaus is substantiated, fair and accurate.  For details about CreditRepair.com’s simple 3-step process, visit: www.creditrepair.com.


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