Loan approvals are not the only reason consumers benefit from credit repair!

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SEATTLE, WA – (PR Web) July 17, 2014 — CreditRepair.com, a leading provider of credit report repair services, kicked off its Dream Campaign to benefit families working to improve their credit profiles. The company pledged to provide two “dreams” per year.  Creditrepair.com members who have reached their stated credit goals are eligible to receive one of these two dreams.

“Achieving one’s credit goals has its own reward in the form of loan approvals, lower loan rates, and financial security. Creditrepair.com is upping that ante,” said Scott Smith, president of Creditrepair.com. “Providing a family with their first family vacation or a brand new reliable car are just a couple of examples of the ways in which we expect to reward members for attaining their credit goals.”

This summer, CreditRepair.com will award the first dream to one of its members. “We want to share the excitement that comes with realizing your credit goals and achieving a new credit score,” Smith added.

The dream will be provided at no cost to the lucky CreditRepair.com member.

“We are providing a way for our members to celebrate the success of reaching their credit goals without going into debt,” Smith said.

The Member Dream Campaign is open to all CreditRepair.com members. Members may submit their dream or direct questions via email to dream@creditrepair.com.


About CreditRepair.com

For more than a decade, CreditRepair.com has assisted thousands of consumers with effective solutions for reclaiming their credit scores and reports. CreditRepair.com works to ensure that what creditors report to credit bureaus is substantiated, fair and accurate.  For details about CreditRepair.com’s simple 3-step process, visit: www.creditrepair.com.

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