CreditRepair.com offers consumers a free confidential credit score predictor tool.



SEATTLE, WA – (PR Web) June 25, 2013 — CreditRepair.com has launched a new free tool to estimate credit scores. Consumers must understand their credit scores to predict whether a lender will approve or deny a loan and the applicable interest rate. This free credit tool closely predicts credit scores, based upon the user’s input.

The tool empowers consumers in another important way. When a lender accesses a consumer’s credit information, a process known as a “hard inquiry,” it can lower the consumer’s credit score.

By using this tool, a consumer can find out before applying for a loan if the consumer will be approved, and avoid a hard inquiry if approval is unlikely. If the consumer finds out before applying that the chances for approval are slim, the consumer can wait to apply until his or her credit improves. After all, the best time to allow a lender to make a hard inquiry is when it will result in a successful loan. In contrast, pulling your credit too soon may lower your credit score, which could put the loan even farther out of reach.

“Whether applying for a loan, trying to secure a less expensive insurance rate, or even apply for a job, it is helpful for consumers to know their credit score,” states Scott Smith, President of CreditRepair.com. “CreditRepair.com is offering a no-strings-attached option to do just that.”

Not only will the credit score estimator provide a consumer a close prediction of his or her credit score, it will also provide helpful tools that a consumer can use to increase that score. One example is access to materials such as the five factors that make up a credit score. “Our product outshines others in the industry because it is completely free to the consumer,” states Scott Smith. Consumers will not be asked to purchase other products or services, and they will not have to endure so-called “promotional offerings” to take advantage of our great product.”


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For more than a decade, CreditRepair.com has assisted thousands of consumers with effective solutions for reclaiming their credit scores and reports. CreditRepair.com works to ensure that what creditors report to credit bureaus is substantiated, fair and accurate.  For details about CreditRepair.com’s simple 3-step process, visit: www.creditrepair.com.

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