CreditRepair.com dispels bankruptcy and other myths with educational series


SEATTLE, WA – (PR Web) December 13, 2012 — CreditRepair.com set out on a mission to dispel credit repair myths. CreditRepair.com recently conducted a random consumer poll to learn about what myths that plague the credit industry. The top myth: 80% of those polled believe it takes seven years to remove negative items, like bankruptcies, from a credit report. The truth of the matter is that credit reporting in the US is entirely voluntary, with no enforceable minimum time period.

“If creditors cannot document fair, accurate, and substantiated credit reporting, then their credit report data must be removed,” states CreditRepair.com’s President Scott Smith. Myth busted.

“One of the astounding myths we’d also like to dispel is that seeking help in repairing credit is unlawful,” states Scott Smith. “Consumers have the right to either repair their credit themselves or seek professional assistance to help them accomplish their credit goals. Either way, now more than ever, according to the federal government, they do have the right to repair and correct items on their reports that are reported inaccurately.”

For additional information on the Five Myths of Credit Repair, please visit https://www.creditrepair.com/blog/credit-repair/5-myths-of-credit-repair/

CreditRepair.com will launch a series of infographics over the next few weeks which are geared towards educating their members and all consumers about credit repair and credit education in general. “I’ve found the people at CreditRepair.com to be really helpful and empathetic. It’s the one company that doesn’t treat me like a second-class citizen because of my poor credit history. I would recommend CreditRepair.com to anyone – and I often do,” said James, a CreditRepair.com member.


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