Member rewarded with kids’ first trip to Disneyland

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SEATTLE, WA – (PR Web) August 21, 2014 — CreditRepair.com, a leading provider of credit report repair services, has rewarded its first Member Dream Campaign recipients by fulfilling their dreams to visit Disneyland for the first time ever. As one of two dreams to be awarded this year, CreditRepair.com sent the Michael Braziel family on an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland for reaching their stated credit goal.

“CreditRepair.com is honored to send one of our members and his family on a dream trip they have been waiting years for,” said Scott Smith, president of CreditRepair.com. “We understand that credit goals aren’t always about loan approvals or interest rates. Sometimes folks just want to be rewarded by taking their kids to Disneyland!”

“They [CreditRepair.com] have been able to do something I have been unable to do,” stated Michael Braziel. “There’s no giving up. You have to stay focused if this is something that you want. I’m on my way up to where I want to be thanks to CreditRepair.com.”

CreditRepair.com offers the Member Dream Campaign to all of its members twice per year. The award captures some of the excitement that comes with achieving a high credit score, a better home interest rate, or a better credit profile.

“For CreditRepair.com members, reclaiming a strong credit profile is a top priority,” Smith added, “so it’s important that consumers understand that ethical credit repair can help them attain that primary goal.”

Members may submit their dream or direct questions by email to dreams@creditrepair.com.


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