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Book provides students with over 50 tips on how to navigate the credit system

Seattle, WA – August 26, 2015 – CreditRepair.com, a leading provider of credit report repair services, announced today the launch of their first eBook, Students Guide to Credit. The publication offers young adults a complete overview of credit, presented in a highly digestible and engaging format. The book contains over 50 tips, written to educate and empower students to achieve the credit scores they deserve.

While young adults have a vague awareness of credit and the importance of a high credit score, many fail to understand the profound impact it can have throughout life. A survey in spring 2014 by college market research service Student Monitor, found that the majority of students knew that having a good credit score is important, but 74 percent didn’t know what their credit score was. With the average credit score among 18 to 24 year-olds being 630 on a grading scale of 850, young consumers are earning a C at best with regards to credit.

“Many students don’t understand credit and the influence and power it can have to open doors, impact decisions and shape lives,” said Scott Smith, President of CreditRepair.com. “I believe that a credit score is a lifestyle. It is critical that young adults develop a healthy understanding and relationship with credit early in life, ultimately allowing them access to all of their financial dreams.”

Student’s Guide to Credit contains real-life scenarios with topics ranging from student loans, the importance of credit reputation and budgeting, to credit card use, and key advice for co-eds on identity theft and how to avoid it. Tips like, “Do not exceed 30% of your total credit limit” and “Ditch the car, opting out of a parking pass, gasoline, insurance and maintenance will help your freshman budget,” are highlighted throughout the book to help employ memorable methods for success.

The book also offers a free student worksheet for download, to help students reach their credit goals. The excel worksheet is organized into three columns: Financing/Earnings, Expenses, and Extras. After students enter their information, the Annual Remainder or Loss cell at the top of the sheet provides an automatic tally of remaining funds or amount lost based on money in, (i.e. financing) vs. money out, (i.e. expenses and extras). A green box indicates a positive balance while a red box indicates a negative balance.

Smith continues, “The Student’s Guide to Credit was created to help students learn the basics of credit health, maintenance and financial success. We look forward to sharing our deep knowledge of the industry with young consumers.”

The eBook can be downloaded directly from the CreditRepair.com website.

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