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"I recently started working with and I am already SO happy that I did! They are working hard and have already made a positive impact on my credit report. They helped remove negative items from my credit report that shouldn't have been there. This directly caused an increase in my credit score! I called their customer support line the other day and they were easy to talk to, the guy was VERY friendly and easy to understand, and in a country full of terrible customer service,'s customer service definitely gets an A+! The price they ask for their services is more than fair. I am very pleased with the service that I have received so far from and I will definitely recommend them to my friends. "

- Lacey Sculls Los Angeles, CA

" has made a huge difference in my credit score. They have removed over 56% of negative items off of my credit report. It is worth the time and the money to use this service. I can't say enough positive things about this company. Thank you, you have helped me in rebuilding my credit score"

- Gary Thomas West Monroe, LA

"I would advise everyone who is suffering from low scores or negative items on your report to get help from I will never quit using them until my score reaches 850."

- Paula Wright Mount Vernon, NY

" has really helped me out. I see a differece in my credit score and I'm looking forward to seeing more changes. I couldn't have done it myself. Thanks"

- Yvette Lilly Bronx, NY

"In just two weeks after joining 3 negative items have been removed from my credit report and they are still working on removing more. I am very happy I joined"

- David Ables Maurice, LA

"I can't believe what you have done for me!! Thank you for your efforts on my behalf. My score has improved so much and you are not even finished working yet. I know it sounds cheesy but I am just so grateful."

- Melba Powell Brooklyn, NY

"Im blown away by this company! I am 26 years old I needed to repair my credit from bad choices I made when I was younger. I came across and I can say I did a great job choosing this company! I have only been in their program for three weeks and i've already seen negative items removeds from my report. I am so pleased with this company. If you are looking for real help I highly suggest to choose this company. This is coming from a 26 year old. So, trust me its worth the money. They do all the work for you. Thank you for putting my life back on track!"

- Ashley Sagar Modesto, CA

"I would recommend this reputable company to anyone who wants improvement on their credit and want it in a timely manner. In a matter of one month I saw my credit score improve and four negative itmes were removed. They are the best!!!!"

- Cecil Golder Carmel, IN

"I feel well with the job that this company is doing. But I want to know why my credit score still so low when three items were removed from the bureau."

- Odalin Lawrence, MA

"The only thing holding me back from giving five stars is my inability to upload a copy of my credit report. Otherwise is an inspiration to the following up of ones credit and cleaning it up. i have seen my credit score improve tremendously since signing up. Thank you"

- Jorge Gabino Miami, FL

" has great customer service. Everytime I called I was informed of any and every change in my credit status. They helped me clear out inaccurate negative items in a period of weeks. Thanks to I'm buying my first home."

- Mireya Brick, NJ

"I was impressed that my score went up 32 points between the the first and second contact. I was a little worried when it didn't change but now my score is up another 57 points!"

- Troy Callarman Downers Grove, IL

"I have called in and have tried to touch bases on a few occasions and my questions have not been answered to my understanding. I also see that a few more negative items have hit my account. It would be really refreshing to speak to someone who can help me understand and give me the tools and resources so that I can correct some issues as well."

- Sonaiya Hall Bolingbrook, IL

"I like that some things are coming off but I don't like the fact that sometimes only one negative item is being challenged at a time. I also don't like that some of the things that are being disputed are not showing as being challenged and show as pending and the rep can't explain why or fix it. I will do this only for a few more months and see if anything changes. I have several family and friends waiting for my feedback before using this service so we will see how it goes."

- Fred Bolden Orange Park, FL

"When I first signed up, I was a little skeptical and was thinking that maybe this was just going to be a scam. They'd take my money and I would not see results. I've been a customer since June and it is only three months later and 14% (6 items) have been deleted. I'm on my way to improved credit. made me a believer!!"

- Vicky San Francisco, CA

"This is the quickest I've seen anything come off my report! is not lying when they say they try their best to get your credit repaired!"

- Ashli Far Rockaway, NY

"It has been almost two months. I haven’t heard anything from them other then informing me that they sent letters to the creditors in the first week."

- Rafet Burke, VA

"I am very pleased with! They made it easier for me to understand my credit and resolved a high percentage of credit issues. Every time I called and had a question they assisted me with answers. I would recommend anyone that needs their credit repaired to try here first. Thank you so much."

- Charles Red Springs, NC

"I like that you are helping me to improve my credit, even though the price is a little high but it's worth doing it for my future. I just wish it would improve a little faster and also get rid or lower the interest rate on the federal loan, hopefully I can see a better score next month or so. I do plan on getting a new car some time next year or so depending on the status of my credit."

- Bruce Elizabethport, NJ

"Did not move fast at all. It seems like it’s set up to keep you paying more and more before you see anything and even then it’s asking for more money."

- Ray Austin, TX

"It has been 4 weeks since the day I registered. I have also registered with Equifax Credit Bureau directly which increased my credit score twice as much as credit repair did not even change the info in their website. Every time I call them they tell me they have sent the requests. It will take months to reflect on your credit. Little different then what I originally expected. I am still registered."

- Rafet Burke, VA

"Outstanding service, determined by results reflected on currently updated profile. Thank you very much and keep up the outstanding work. Your efforts are appreciated and definitely noted. My only regret is not utilizing your service earlier"

- Tony Bronx, NY

"They do exactly what they say they will which is both rare and exceptional in today's environment. Always courteous and willing to discuss your situation prior to establishing a game plan. So far, so good and well worth the price."

- Roy Potosi, MO

"My experience was initially great until I had a medical emergency and had to cancel my account. I cancelled my account and was told that the following payment would still be drafted of $89. As of the date that I cancelled I was unable to access my account although I was being charged another $89. I would not recommend any company that does not have a fair cancellation policy. I cancelled my account with Equifax and was still able to access my account and was not charged any extra fees."

- Claudia Pompano Beach, FL

"I was so pleased and shocked at the rapid results that I experienced here with right from the beginning. Now, in just a few short months, my score has jumped 57 points shooting me from a poor credit score to a good one. I am well on my way to reaching my goals thanks to you guys. Thank You SOOO much for all you do!"

- Melinda Kearns, UT

"2 accounts left to be removed!!! Awesome service at"

- Jason Madeira Beach, FL

"I just can’t explain the way you guys are making me feel every single day. My life has changed tremendously and I have you to thank for it. Thank you for making me become a better human. Without your help an support I don't know where I would be! I’m so excited that I have chosen you guys to help me restore my credit. Thank you Sincerely"

- Brittney Cinnaminson, NJ

"I would like to know how I go about cancelling my membership with this company and I’m not happy with the way you all are handling my credit score. I am paying too much money a month not to get better scores."

- Suzette Channelview, TX

"At first I was amazed with seeing how many items were being removed from my credit report, but at the same time I noticed was showing one score, but when it was time to pull my report and score again, they didn't even come close to what credit repair was showing. That was very frustrating to me. I joined November 2013 until July 2014, and sacrificed the $89 a month. I was with the program 8 months. I possibly would join again."

- Karin Greenville, NC

"Like the information you see but have several issues so far. 1. Wish you could see all three credit scores 2. Wish you could see contact information for negative responses that lists so you can inquiry. 3. Score has not changed from beginning. Having doubts."

- Sherry Sandyville, WV

"I am not happy with your company at all. I can never get some body on the phone no matter how long I wait on the phone."

- Pooya Mission Viejo, CA

"When you first start the program after reading the previous reviews, you hope you're not the next one to get suckered. Which is how I'm feeling right now! $89.00 a month for something that shouldn't take this long. Only small improvements in credit score and already out almost $500.00 bucks. I should have chosen a different company that can deliver faster results instead of milking my wallet month to month. They sound good on radio and in other advertisement, but the actual results don't live up to the HYPE!!!!!! It shouldn't take this long to get the maximum results."

- John Corona, CA

"Seems to be taking a long time to get these problems resolved. You do keep us well informed of what you are doing."

- Kim Henderson, NV

"Best Experience EVER!!! In a matter of a couple months I had 16 items removed from my report leaving two creditors on three reports! Now to set up my husband for!"

- Cynthia Holden, MA

"In a little under a month, so far has moved so efficiently as to have had 8 negative items removed from my reports. This company stands by its word; they do absolutely what they can to help you repair your credit. Thank you"

- Kawana Joilet, IL

"I must say that even though I had signed up with the service, at first there was slight skepticism as to whether or not they would provide the level of service promised. They have a believer out of me. In less than three months I have seen my credit score jump from 638 to 708. This is due to their dogged persistence in having negatives removed from my credit report. I initially decided that I would cancel my subscription in three months if I was not satisfied. I will recommend their service to any and everyone I know. THANK YOU CREDITREPAIR.COM!!!"

- Delan Woodhaven, NY

"In less than two months I have already seen nine items removed from my credit... it feels amazing because I feel like I am headed much faster towards my goals :)"

- Laciedra Winter Springs, FL

"I must say the results are awesome. My score has made a complete turn around. Thanks I would highly recommend if you need your score at a good or excellent rating. Try you wont be disappointed"

- Chenell Cypress, TX

"It hasn't been a month yet and has managed to have 6 negative things removed from my credit score! Very happy, my credit report has gone from a fair rating to good. Thank you!"

- Rita Wasilla, AK

"I'm very happy with my results, and I'm a new member. I have seen results with my first month with I'm very pleased with the customer service, they are friendly, and they make sure I understand the steps, and how important it is to have good credit. I want to thank you for your service, and assisting me with questions and concerns."

- Dimetrice Reston, VA

"I’m so happy that I signed up with you people. You are making my credit score go up and that means a lot. Keep up the great job that you all are doing. You are making my life more comfortable. Thanks a lot. "

- Debbra Saint Louis, MO

"This site has been AMAZING so far!! It’s been about 3 months now and I have seen so much change! Thank you all so much!! This has helped me alleviate so much stress."

- Shantel Elk Grove, CA

"At first I was skeptical when I heard the commercials about because of all the other ads out there. I gave it a try for the first time months ago and the rest is history. They've helped me improve my score from a 518 to now a 674!"

- Reginald Lawrence, MA

"I am pleased with the services that have been provided to me. I have been with them for 4 short months and they have removed over 68% of total negative items that were on my report. I would recommend them to anyone having credit issues."

- Jennifer Grafton, WV

"My credit score has gone up, but I do believe that when I drop my member fee to a lower package my score stopped going up. It has been the same since, even though things have been discharged off, and I paid down on some things. I don't understand that."

- Evelyn Indianapolis, IN

"Other than a simple misunderstanding with a recommendation to, my overall experience has been very good. This website helped my score immensely. Being a firefighter, I was embarrassed when trying to get a loan with such a poor credit score when it should have been much higher. Now I am much more confident when I walk into the bank for any reason. truly put credit monitoring and evaluation on my personal radar. Thank-you."

- Michael Seminole, FL

"I liked the results that I had to my credit report, however it goes in a circle, if I get something removed from my credit report the creditor just gets another bill to be put back on there that was once the bill that was recently removed so on your credit report it shows as a new bill."

- Jessica Seabrook, NH

"I have just started with, I'm 30 days in and have already seen my score increase and 1 item deleted so far. I'm giving myself 6months before inquiring about a home I feel with credit repair I'm on the right track 5 stars all the way."

- Henderson S. Saint Rose, LA

"My credit has continually been low and has made it possible for my credit report to move from negative to positive. Even though the progress is slow I am grateful that it is moving upward for that I am grateful."

- Betty E. Washington, DC

"I'm a happy camper to recover from my younger off sets. I really want to be able to prepare my children not to suffocate their life because of irresponsibility... Thank you"

- Camarison B. Dallas, TX

" has been great to work with and continues to cause my scores to rise… Thankful"

- Curtis N. Baldwin, NY

"I’m not sure how they do it but this has been a very easy and affordable process! I have been recommending to everyone! My score has reached a number that I never thought I would see. I am very grateful!"

- Olincia W. Oakland, CA

"The best company around to improve your life.... I love this company… everything about them is great... The staff are vey helpful and understanding..."

- Nehme S. Norwood, MA

"I don't usually believe in all I see on TV or listen in the radio but this credit repair is the truth, I was all by my self with no idea what to do, working 6 days per week and making good money but with an awful credit score. There were bums with better credit than me, until I came in contact with this wonderful In just 2 months I started to see great results, thanks"

- Emil C. Bensalem, PA

"I need to know my credit scores. I need to know what was on my credit report. Your company gave me a full report on all my credit history and you got some of those report dismissed. My score went up, but not as much as I would like but my credit did get better. Thank you."

- Jacqueline W. Burlington, NC

" is repairing my credit pretty rapidly. At first I was skeptical about using a credit repair to help me but the guys made me feel confident about the whole process. I would definitely recommend to anybody looking to fix their credit!"

- Ibrahim G. Arlington, TX

"THE BEST!! Started from the bottom now I’m here, just like the song says lol! Thanks to all their help and dedication I am now a Homeowner! I loved that I was able to download the app and see each and every step they took when working my credit. Thanks soooo much!"

- Angelica C. Glendale, AZ

"I think is doing a GREAT job on working on my credit... I will certainly recommend them to friends and family"

- Zevon R. East Orange, NJ

"I am so happy I log in and see the money worth I am paying to fix my credit my score has gone up so much since I started about three months ago half of the negative items have already been taken off."

- Kenyata W. Houston, TX

"The best money I have ever spent. Not only did it help raise my credit score it's also taught me how to budget and mange my money better. Thanks"

- Cheryl K. Hackensack, NJ

"I have seen great results since I signed up with The customer service I have received has been fantastic. I receive updates regularly on what steps are being taken and seen my credit score improve. This is the best decision I have made so far. Thanks I can now live my life."

- Ann D. Killeen, TX

" offers professional, friendly, informative service. I feel comfortable going to sleep at night knowing my credit is getting better and not worse. Credit Repair can bring light to your future, by helping you save money with lower interest rates, quicker approvals, and a higher credit score."

- Ezechi A. Saint Louis, MO

"Had no idea how ignorant I was to the credit game, other than paying bills and how to use credit. I must admit with all the scams and identity theft going on, I was very reluctant to give my personal info over the phone. is one of the best decisions I've made in my life... Real talk!"

- Kevin S. Griffith, IN

"Using is literally fixing my credit for me without me doing any of the time consuming work. I go about my busy days knowing this needed task is not only being done, but they are constantly updating me via email about the progress. This is an investment I do NOT regret at all."

- Kevin M. Riverdale, IL

"My life has changed after you guys repaired my credit. I have a new life. Thank you and thanks to all your professional staff and team."

- Orlando D. Homestead, FL

"My credit had been bad for a while because of bad decisions. I just came to the point where I said this can be better. I heard your radio commercial and your customer service walked me through the whole process and explained and answered all my questions. I am very thank you for you helping me raise my scores to a respectful. It’s been such a journey. Thank you"

- Mark P. Richmond, PA

"I have being working with for a few months. My score has gone up. The customer service that they give me is excellent. When I call them for a question it’s like they have no one else but me to explain everything. They are not in a hurry to hang up on you.

When President Obama spoke on the State Of the Union this year, I wrote him an email. He directed me to the right Department to get a VA loan. When I told the lady that I was working with she looked it up in the computer and she said wow they have an excellent record."

- Luz B. Odessa, FL


- Karen F. Boston, MA

"Very good, and happy that so much has been removed in such a short time! I applied for a credit card today (small credit limit from an offer I received based on trying to repair my credit) and was actually approved for the 1st time in about 10 years with out needing to pre-pay!"

- Erica V. Elgin, IL

" is giving me a new beginning. I have been able to get credit again. I still have items that are being challenged and can't wait until they are all gone. I look forward to the day I can have great credit."

- Tina P. Carolina Beach, NC

"We were contacted and updated about the progress of our credit report frequently, and I love that! We weren't left out in the cold wondering really what was going on. works, and they work quickly!"

- Sarah J. Tulsa, OK

"So far I have been with 1 month and I have had 7 removals. However I don't know the outcome of that but I am getting really excited to see the end results."

- Chrishayla B. Augusta, GA

"So far they have been very good with doing what they promise and the customer service is outstanding."

- Jason P. Arlington, TX

"My experience with is the best choice ever, I’m happy I am seeing good results on my credit report. I’m so happy debts are being removed from my credit. My score is rising daily, an I am receiving letters from the creditors that confirm the removals, I can’t believe it. All I had to do was become a member with, and let them handle everything. Customer service is awesome! Someone is always available to you, they contact me according to any alert to my credit, and I will recommend any one to join The best results, thanks!"

- Tonnett H. Los Angeles, CA

" did a great Service to my credit the time that I was a customer. There were items deleted from my credit. If I had remained a customer I may have A1 credit by now. However I will be returning. Thank You!"

- Sarah B. Oxford, NC

"Very good experience, been with for the past 2 months and they're absolutely awesome."

- Alicia B. Brooklyn, NY

"I am pleased with the service they provide. They are professional, very knowledgeable and have your best interests at heart."

- John W. Dickson, TN

"I’ve been working on my credit so long. Trying to make it good so I can get a house. Now with I’m so close to having great credit! I love this service they have changed my life for the better!"

- Adriana A. Houston, TX

"Hi, it has been a great choice for me to make a choice to fix my credit with the great help of all my team members from thank you all for your help in helping me have a chance to better my life and credit score. I’d love to achieve a score of 800. Thanks to all my team members again."

- Paul T. Sarasota, FL

" helped me to get my credit record straightened out. There were unnecessary hidden situations that could have damaged my credit and they caught it and I was rescued with out any stress."

- Victoria F. Dallas, TS

"I was directed to when I expressed interest in a rent to own program. I was under the assumption that my credit would fix itself as I slowly but surely paid off my creditors. It's refreshing to have this company act as my advocate."

- Monica P. Chicago, IL

"I haven't seen the results yet, but I feel confident that you’re good at what you do and have the approval of the Better Business Bureau, which is a huge plus for me when trusting someone with all your personal information, you can't see or know."

- Elaine A. Aubrey, TX

"It has only been a few weeks and 2 items have been already removed. Looking forward to this trend and to seeing what the future holds. So far the customer service has been great as well. Very friendly and helpful."

- David M. Middle Island, NY

"I am very satisfied with my service, they help me remove a lot of old negative thing on my report and everything thing they explain to me they took care of it. I am happy with my results. I will recommend to everyone."

- Debourah H. Bronz, NY

"When I made payment there was no time wasted by you all. You went to work and started cleaning up my dirty work right away, and I started seeing results right away. I am happy"

- Janice K. Thompsons, TX

" has helped me so far in a month to remove a few items from my credit. They are quick reliable and good people to work with that answer your every need l strongly recommend if you need credit repair contact them right know and get it done."

- Miguel G. Brewster, WA

"All agents are professional and courteous; they are also knowledgeable in the aspects of credit repair. They were able to answer all of my questions in a polite professional manner and I would highly recommend your services to any one needing help with their credit... thanks again"

- Aaron P. Kaufman, TX

" has actually been able to answer my questions about my credit problems and the website helps me monitor my account. I get emails with advice on how to maintain my credit on a budget. I appreciate the site. Thank you"

- Tarina B. Chicago, IL

"You have cleared up over 30 negative items including tax liens and judgments. You state results may not be typical, but I’m just a normal person and it sure worked for me."

- Robert G. Somersworth, NH

"Excellent service, knowledgeable, and have done everything I was told they were going to do. Always there when needed. Not be typical, but I’m just a normal person and it sure worked for me."

- Timothy K. Harleysville, PA

"Before I joined everywhere I applied for credit I would be declined. They worked on every issue that was affecting my credit score and now I able to be approved for credit and my scores have increased significantly. Thank you"

- Marsha T. Brooklyn, NY

"The customer service is excellent any time I have questions about anything they are there with an answer to put a smile on your face."

- Travis W. Madison Heights, VA

" has done everything it advertises doing. It helps you focus on your credit and helps in planning."

- James V. Cave Creek, AZ

"I have had over 15 items removed from my credit report since September of last year. I would definitely recommend to anyone! I also have my boyfriend set up with them! He loves it too!"

- Raven W. Seguin, TX

"I'm totally satisfied with's service; so professional, informative and dependable. I have already recommended this service to family and friends. I'm on my way to excellent credit. Thanks"

- Turawana O. Plainfield, NJ

"I am hard working twenty year-old who got into bad debt. I turned to At first I was skeptical, I researched for a week to see who can provide me with excellent and reliable service. So far I’m going on my 3rd month and 5 negative items removed."

- Leonel T. Perth Amboy, NJ

"I just want to say did wonders to my credit. My credit score was 566 when I started and now it’s 632. I could not believe how much my score increased. Now I am able to get approval for the house my wife and me wanted. Thanks for working a major miracle with my credit."

- Zackery C. Walnut Cove, NC

"I just want to say thank you to even though its a little expensive monthly I guess its worth it rather than paying that big chunk at once. I am so glad to have found this company; the Lord is good he does everything for a reason. Thank you."

- Sasha C. Charlestown, MA

"This has been the best thing I have done for myself. I would recommend this to everyone that wants to improve their Credit. Thank You!"

- Yvette R. Orlando, FL

"I am proud to have working on my behalf. Every person I’ve talked to has been very helpful as well as courteous and goes the extra mile to answer any and every question or concern that I have. has done a 5 star job at training their associates and they do their job well. This makes me glad to have joined with you in helping me get my life back on track. THANK YOU AND BEAUTIFUL JOB!"

- Josie P. Memphis, TN

"I am very happy with the folks at Everyone is quite helpful, and I always feel I am receiving personalized attention. The results have been fantastic. In approximately 4 months my score has improved nearly 60 points."

- William D. Eden Prairie, MN

" has brought my credit score a long way. I am truly grateful for all their help. They are helping me achieve my goal of good credit."

- Cynthia S. Cypress, TX

"I’ve been with credit repair for 3 months and I’m truly amazed of what they have done by far. I still have some challenges but by far I’m impressed and satisfied as to what they have done now. I promised to be more responsible when this road is over and I’m so happy that I’m getting a second chance to prove I’m credit worthy instead of a flake. Thank you"

- Wanda M. Long Beach, CA

"This company is awesome!!! In less than 3 months, they already removed 8 negatives, which leaves me at 32% of total negative items removed. I can’t wait to see my new credit score which updates every 3 months. Thanks!"

- Yaraixy V. Homestead, FL

"So far, so GREAT! I hope I’m not jumping ahead of myself by saying this, but I am so pleased thus far! Started with a score of 585 and now I’m looking at a 606. My score jumped up 21 points in 3 months time. Hey, that’s great when you’re used to nothing happening. I won’t stop here. I’m determined. Thank you!"

- Montoya M. Crowley, TX

"I signed up with at the beginning of May with 514 for a credit score. As of today I have a credit score of 639. This company is awesome and what they do works. I had horrible credit and a ton of negative marks. I jumped 125 points."

- Kaleb F. Mechanicsburg, PA

"Thank you so much for having this service established; without it I would have been following through blindly without any clues of my credit status and fooled by my scoring potential. So many times my credit was saved for a rainy day, but now I can safely say it has been rectified by the right people."

- Sandy D. Orlando, FL

"The company has helped me tremendously. Keep up the excellent work! Thank you guys. "

- Sammileta L. Opa Locka, FL

"Although I still have a long way to go, my credit score is getting a lot better and I don’t cringe as much when I see my scores."

- Darren W. Harvy, IL

"Great company with great people to help with any questions I’ve had. I have referred my friend and he has signed up too. My score went from a low 525 to almost 700. I feel it is a good investment for anybody with bad credit to get help from Thanks for the help."

- Stephen F. Tucumari, NM

"I was going to file bankruptcy but I wanted to buy a home, so I tried With the help of this company I now have good credit, and I plan on keeping it. I thank God and this company, and I would recommend to anyone who wants to fix their credit."

- Lawrence T. Calumet City, IL

"I trust and I stand by them with everything I have. I have not been disappointed and I believe that they work each case/customer with the professionalism and knowledge of getting the job done. I recommend to anyone who needs fast and great results with all seriousness. Thank you, I owe you so much more with what you have done so far."

- Debora E. Houston, TX

"Your company is incredible. You said you would get things done in an allotted timeframe and you did exactly as promised. I have recommended you to each of my family members and will continue to recommend you to anyone I meet. Thank you for doing what you said you would do and being honorable."

- Terrance K. Loxahatchee, FL

"I love - I was having problems and they stepped in and assisted me! Thank you!!"

- Maxine S. Brooklyn, NY

"I signed up for They eliminated 5 negative remarks and increased my score from mid 500s to over 600 points. Thank you I will stay with this program until I feel my score is where I want it to be. This REALLY works."

- Alexander C. Florence, AL

"I started with in January 2014, and as of today, I have 21 items removed from my credit reports. I am very impressed, and can’t wait to see what else is going to happen. Thank you so much for turning an impossible to a possible. I’m looking forward to purchasing a car with no co-signers."

- Yolanda L. Berkeley, CA

"OMG, the Best Team in the world to repair your credit from bad to fair (so far), on my way to good in just 6 or 7 months with You guys and gals are worth every cent and more; your words are really your bond. Thank you so much. Speechless."

- Lois M. Memphis, TN

"Your service has been tested and proven to be cost effective for the benefits I received in a timely manner. Thanks so much!"

- Kenya G. Fort Pierce, FL

"I went into this thinking it would be a hassle to get negatives off my report. In just 30 days I got 3 negatives taken off and on the road to completely recovering my credit score! It’s worth the monthly payment."

- Wesley W. Santa Barbara, CA

"You guys stay in contact with me at all times and are willing to do what it takes to help build my credit score up to where it need to be."

- Zedrick W. Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"4 stars in one week!! That speaks volumes to me. I am a new customer, but I must say I feel safe with this company and in as little as a week’s time, positive changes are being made already. Customer service is amazing!! Via phone, chat, email. So far so good."

- Clelanda A. Mount Holly, NJ

" is always informative and keeps me up to date on my credit repair process."

- Dynna R. Tinley Park, IL

"Each month I’m seeing great overall results!"

- Curtis N. Baldwin, NY

"In less than 25 days I have had negative items removed from my credit report. I am so happy at the quick results and I cannot wait to see more progress!"

- Melissa J. Fall River, MA

"I like the fact that when I call in to speak with an advisor it’s never a 30 to 45 minute wait. Even if they do provide you with online access you can still call and ask questions."

- Derrick S. Kannapolis, NC

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"I must say we are pleased thus far with the work that your company is doing in our behalf. I’ll admit that initially I was very skeptical about using your company. But you are proving me wrong in a very good way. Can’t wait to see the end results. Having many folks on the sideline looking to see what happens next with us. Thank you for your hard work!"

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"Don’t know what I would have done without you guys. Thanks"

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"My credit before I found on a TV commercial was way low - like in the 300’s. I had liens and 12 yr. old stuff. When I talked to a consultant they explained why they were still on my credit report, & I liked the answer. Since then my credit has doubled & I was able to get a Visa & a gas card, which I couldn’t before so thank you"

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"Outstanding customer service; each representative is knowledgeable, caring, and goes out of their way to help you, All reps are very pleasant. I’ve gotten a lot of reassurance. It’s a real nice warm experience to call your company."

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"I’m so glad I made the first step in changing my life. Become a customer, it takes time but it’s worth the wait."

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"In less than 4 months 22 negative removals, and credit score up 100 pts. Thank you and looking forward to continuing business with you."

- Willie P. Greensboro, NC

"In MY experience (of course you decide for yourself), the company is great and responsive for erroneous things that really should come off and that can be taken care of in the first month with the first set of challenges. I made the mistake of letting them convince me to keep on allowing them to challenge and re-challenge the same issues, with no progress made and considerable expenditure on my part. Be aware of the other ramifications of having these "challenges" on your record that they don’t tell you about. Good luck!"

- Ellen S. Simi Valley, CA

"They have been so helpful in getting my credit scores back to where they need to be."

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" doesn’t play around, they are on the case quickly, and keep you informed of your case."

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"In no uncertain terms, this company delivers. Now my score is in the green. Choosing was a very excellent one for me. Thanks for your help guys."

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"When I initially got signed up with the company my credit score was fair but it wasn’t where I wanted it to be because of the derogatory remarks on my report. Since I’ve teamed up with my score has increased to 743. In a matter of 6 months they’ve gotten 10 deletions off my report and it’s been amazing."

- Seth B. Durham, NC

"Very organized and when help is needed it’s just a call away without the run around."

- Nyesha K. West Jordan, UT

"After years of bad credit, I finally got to the point where I can pay everything on time and paid my cards off, but still lacked good credit. So glad I found you guys to help clean up my history so I can look forward to the future of good credit."

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"My experience has been great!"

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"After having been negatively affected by the banking/mortgage/stock market crisis as well as serious identity theft identified by Verizon and the FTC, has increase my FICO score 110 points within 4 months by removing errors in my credit reports and are still fighting for my wife and I to go even further. Thanks!"

- Shawn F. Redwood City, CA

"My credit had a lot of negative information on it, but after 60 days 7 negative items have already been removed."

- Steven R. Fredericksburg, VA

"I have only been with the company for one full month and I love the way they keep you informed. So far it has been a good experience, with great customer service. I look forward to working with them to raise my credit score."

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"So far I have seen more than several items removed from my credit report along with raising my credit score. "

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"I have had several negative items removed from my 3 reports and have some more to go but I am headed in the right direction."

- Kimberly P. Hutto, TX

"I have been with all of two weeks and already have seen progress. I’m updated with any changes by email or text. It is still early, but if things continue the way they are I will be very pleased."

- Brittany G. Joilet, IL

"Service life changing!"

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"I was skeptical at first but once the negatives were being removed from my credit report I was amazed. What amazed me even more was how fast it was happening. Thanks for everything!"

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"I've been with since the end of May. The credit score is on its way to where it should be."

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"This experience has been amazing. They have done everything possible to get me back on track."

- Michael G. Staten Island, NY

"I gave my info regarding my credit history and bankruptcy and they took off and got results. My credit went from 400 something to almost 700!"

- Shawn M. Seattle, WA

"I'm still waiting for 2 more items to be repaired, which are taking much longer than the first few, but looking forward to the email in my inbox!"

- Rachel L. Philadelphia, PA

"You are able to look at your credit score at any time and look at updates when they happen."

- Andrew A. Birmingham, AL

"Since I signed up 4 negative reporting items were removed from my credit reports. All I did was sign up and did all the work! Hope to see more negatives removed in the days to come."

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"I recommend you if you need help restoring your credit. is the solution"

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"They're on point. It takes a little time but they do what they say they will do. I'm approaching my 3rd month and I see improvements"

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"So far I am very pleased with the detail in the reports online and the availability and ease of talking to a representative on the phone."

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" notified me via email every time a service was performed. I really appreciate the timeline that shows you how much your credit has increased."

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"So far everything they said they would do and accomplish have been done. All I have to do, and have done, is sit back and relax. They are doing everything and have made positive results on my credit reports in less than two months!"

- Arther W. Little Elm, TX

" has been great for me. If I don't understand something I call and they explain it to me. If I get correspondence from a creditor, I send it to them and they handle it from there. It's been a great experience so far!"

- Fredrick G. Dallas, TX

"They have been very helpful and prompt with service."

- Timothy B. Minco, OK

"They have done everything they said they would do; it was well worth it!"

- Ralph W. Spring, TX

"I have only been working with the company for a month and I can see an improvement. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable."

- Clorese C. Deerfield Beach, FL

"I worked with a different credit repair provider approximately 10 years ago. The experience then compared to my experience now with is completely different. I am a "skeptic" and do not trust credit repair businesses easily. The representatives are professional (always) and I have the opportunity to get text and email updates on every transaction that is performed on my behalf to improve my credit score. There is nothing I can think of that is not already being done that could improve the service."

- Tina W. Vineland, NJ

"Very helpful and an aggressive approach in getting to the bottom of creditors to ensure that they are reporting what is actually on their credit report. looks deeper than just the surface to ensure that their reports are up to all governing laws in which they report."

- Joe L. Sachse, TX

"They are awesome. I will let everybody know how wonderful and awesome is. Thank you so much."

- Winona B. Fayetteville, NC

"I have just recently joined membership and have found that has been most responsive to my credit concerns to improve my score."

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"After being turned down for a loan and medical bills piling up, I decided to give a call. This was the best call I made. I recommend this to anybody that is having troubles with getting credit."

- Amy B.

" has been honest and up front since the beginning and kept me informed throughout the whole process"

- Patrick S. New Port Richey, FL

"My credit was very poor. I appreciate the service so far and I know they're the best. Love you guys and keep up with the good work."

- Marie D. Irvington, NJ

"I've been with the company for about 6 months and they already helped remove a few things off my report. Very good service and I'm well satisfied."

- John L. San Bruno, CA

"I was just tired of getting denied of little things; cell phones, credit cards, just basically everything. This is going to help my future as far as me trying to get a house in the next couple years, maybe earlier."

- Matthew, IL

"I definitely feel a strong positive outlook and it seems like my credit will get back on track and I'll be able to do more things again with my credit"

- Clay, NY

"I feel like I've hired some professional people to go to work and do the job that they're hired to do and hope they straighten these things out for me."

- Thomas, TX

"I'm looking forward to helping me get my credit score up to potentially get a house."

- Laura, FL

"After working with I feel much better. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder, I feel like I lost 10lbs! There's a light at the end of the tunnel and they're going to help me rectify the situation once and for all."

- LeeAnn, NY

"I didn't know where to start or anything. Now that I know a game plan and what I can do, I feel a lot better about my credit situation."

- Angela, TX

"I have decent enough credit that I can buy a car, and I've got credit cards and all that, but I've always put off really getting my credit it line, and really having someone look at it who knows what they're doing. I feel better now that I've started the process of doing that."

- Jared, AR

"I'm seeing them get the negatives off and helping me raise my credit score so I don't have to worry about this anymore. "

- Ally, IL

"I feel like will help me out a lot. I'll be happy when things get fixed so if something bad were to happen or I needed to get credit, I won't have to worry about any problems."

- Clay, TX

"To be 100% honest, right now I feel like I'm on the bottom of the totem pole. After talking with I feel so much better. Anybody could do this stuff but when you're working as much as I am, you don't have the time to do it, and it's just peace of mind throughout the day to know you are helping me and that eventually I'm going to overcome by bad credit situation."

- Nick, NJ

"I tried to open up another credit card to build my account, and I couldn't - that's when I knew things were really bad and I wanted to improve my credit with"

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"After working with, I'm hoping to be stress free. I won't have to worry about collections agencies contacting me about owed balances I've already paid."

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"I see these services as a fantastic way to get myself back in a positive direction with my credit."

- Andrea, NY

"It's a decent price. You guys got me excited, made me believe, and made me feel comfortable"

- Rob, TN

"I feel hopeful now. I feel like will be able to achieve my goals as far as me getting my credit straightened out so I can move forward with my future"

- Tabitha B., AL

"I'm very comfortable with the fact that gave me my own personal site to keep track of what they are doing."

- Steve J., NM

"I'm excited! I'm tired of being emotional behind credit. Now it's not only me helping myself, but trying to help me as well, that's exciting!"

- Patty C., WY

"I'm feeling relieved to know that I'm trying to get it back on track. can help establish people's credit, and get it back together."

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"I think will help. I see it being a positive. My husband and I are looking forward to make big purchases, and being able have good credit."

- Anne R., VA

"I think will be excellent. I have seen some items removed, which is progress. I'm satisfied."

- Laytoya J., NJ

"I feel a whole lot better about my credit situation, I think will help out a lot. You can't really get anything done without credit right now."

- Sheri M., FL

quoteWhat others are saying

"Since I reached adult hood my credit has been poor due to having a serious medical condition and being raised in a struggling family without proper medical insurance. Even though I've worked hard my whole life I could never get a handle on my credit situation and never had the opportunity to prove my credit worthiness. Desperate to have good credit I've been taken by scams promising to clean my credit up and after thousands of dollars I've seen no change. Reluctantly I allowed to help me with their promise to clean my credit up and they are doing just that! In just a couple months they've proven they stand by their word! My credit score has jumped from the very weak 400's to 620 and they're not done yet! Finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you,!"

April Indianapolis, IN

"I love, I was advised in April 2014 to use them by my son and dad, and they have been much help so far. I am able to track all 3 bureaus and the activity that goes on. My score is not perfect just yet, but they have removed most of the hard inquiries, which raised my score 40 points in no time. Thank you I definitely recommend to all my friends and who ever comes across this post."

Kambrian Fort Worth, TX

"My experience with has been good and effective, considering the bad situation of my credit. What they advertise they will do is true. So far, I'm satisfied. In past years I've worked on credit repair and know how tedious it is & how tenacious you must be. Now, it is almost impossible to keep up with. They changed the rules. has taken all that 'work' on and so far, has been worth it."

Mattie W. Charlotte, NC

"I was very skeptical when we first started with and didn’t think they could do too much to help me but we’ve been with them for 2 years now and have seen over a 200 point improvement. For the first time ever I was able to get a loan with the lowest interest rate and when they told me that I asked if they had the right person. I work 60+ hour workweeks and so for me, working with was exactly what I needed. I don’t have time to work on my credit by myself but when I put it in their hands, they took care of everything for me and made it so simple for me with little to no effort on my part. I would recommend to anyone I know that needs help with their credit. It has been an amazing experience for me and my wife."

Richie S. Salt Lake City, UT

"When I called my credit was really bad from being young and not knowing the value of good credit and paying bills on-time. I started to research how to fix it and came across their website so I decided to call. My credit score when I called was a 513 and is now in the 650 range. They have gotten 32 out of 40 negative items removed and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully when the last 8 are removed it will be over 720! That’s my goal!"

Steve S. Huffman, TX

"I started using this program 11 months ago and the results have been amazing! The small monthly fee is worth the work does and their customer service is always great! My 503 score 11 months ago is now 647 and only getting better! If you are having issues with your credit don’t stress and use, I highly recommend it!"

Alfredo B. Horizon City, TX

" is about the only email I look forward to receiving weekly. I am so grateful and amazed how has made an impact not only on my credit but also in my life, I can breathe again, and the past mistakes are behind me. Thank you to all the Staff that works hard to accomplish the results I was hoping for! P.S. I love the online chat, quick and easy."

Jayleen R. Hayward, CA

"I give a 5 star. I started the program with a credit score in the 500’s. I was a member for 5 months. I must say at the end of my 5th month I closed my account because I was very satisfied with my 750 credit score. Thanks for doing all the work for me. I also referred a family member and 2 friends!"

Lisa B. Dallas, TX

"All I can say is THANK YOU! I really didn’t know what to do when I found my credit was terrible. was able to get my score up in a very short time. Very pleased with their services."

Eddie S. Huron, TN

"Excellent service. The results are remarkable! I am so excited about my credit; my attitude has changed and my knowledge has increased. Thank you for making all this possible. I referred you to all my friends & family."

Sonya C. Jamaica, NY

"I pay my monthly payments and sit back while my credit score & credit reports get better. I never thought my credit would get that bad but economy/circumstances I can’t control. But my credit scores are rising thanks to them!!!"

Joseph R. Nashville, TN

"You guys are doing an awesome job; keep the good work up and the pressure on. It’s a shame how people are taken advantage over the simple fact of the unknown concerning their rights, but thanks to you guys there is someone to take up for the little guy."

Darron A. Pensacola, FL

"It’s only been a month and a half and yet 25% of my negative items have been removed. The communication I get on the actions taken is impeccable and the process of initiating claims to help solve my problems is second to none. All I have to do is pay the $90 bucks a month and you do the rest, it’s a great feeling."

Gordon B. Jacksonville, FL

"Last year I bought a car and my interest rate was 20%. Now that has helped my credit I can refinance my car with a 10% interest rate. Thank you in advance for all the work you’re doing. I didn’t have the time to fight back the creditor and you all have done it for me"

Wateesha A. Waco, TX

"The experience I have had working with you pushing forward to better my credit report has been nothing but professional. Your people are very easy to talk to and very informative. I believe all of you are doing a wonderful job and I’m looking forward to working with you further to better my credit score. Again thank you"

Kenneth W. Chalmers, IN

"Without your help I would probably still be challenging some of the creditors who truly do not want to help you resolve any issues with your credit report. With this service my credit report has gone up by 15 points within 2-3 months."

Omar T. Riverview, FL

"This company is amazing! They are nowhere near like other companies who claim to clean your credit and all they do is take your money and run! They are very professional and show interest in their customers. I have seen major changes in my credit report in these last 5 months and am very excited to see how my report will look by the time a year hits! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who is struggling with credit issues. I can’t wait to be able to purchase my new home! Keep up the excellent work!"

Gregchen D. Villa Park, IL

"After a little over a month they have already done a great job fixing my credit reports. I look forward to all my credit reports finally being up to date and matching across all credit agencies. Best part of all... I don’t have to do anything but watch them work it!"

Roxanne M. Brooklyn, NY

"My credit score was 553 (poor) in September 2013. I had given up. I decided to try after hearing about it on the radio. The service is so awesome; the App is awesome. They began to systematically remove negative items from my credit report and challenge others. By December 2013 my credit score had risen over 100 points to 655 (good). I am so psyched about this and can’t wait to see what my score looks like over the next two to three months. I’m telling everyone about"

S. Arnette

"Thank you for all your help. I can’t wait to buy a house; you’re making it happen. Me and my family thank you so so much! You guys are very helpful when I chat with you online."

Dana B. Franklin, IN

"OMG,OMG,OMG you all are really THE BEST. I am so shocked on how fast you all work, that’s why I have been telling all my co-workers about the team, they’re SPEECHLESS - I have come a long way and on my way to the top! You guys/gals make hard work so easy, you’re worth every penny. Thanks so much, God’s Blessings to You All"

Lois M. Memphis, TN

"I love it. helped me accomplish a lot to better my children’s future."

Lakista R. Birmingham, AL

"I originally called just to get information, which I did receive plenty of. However, after speaking with a professional my mind was blown on what can, and should be done, and how creditors just don’t do what they are suppose to. So I immediately hired for credit repair services and in just a month they increased my score drastically. We still have a long way to go but I’m confident that it’ll get it resolved the rest of the way."

John G. West Lafayette, IN

"Just six months ago I could not walk into any, and I mean "any" place of business and get credit. I have not been turned down for credit since has worked for me. My score has risen more than 60 points and my financial life is back under control! Thanks"

Bryan S. Cottonwood, UT

" gets results - that's important, and you tell it like it is, you don't sugar coat. People want what's real - and that's what you give."

Thomas M. Philadelphia, PA

"I tried buying a new car a few months ago but I could barely get approved for a loan and if I did get approved the interest rate was above 20%. I decided to give a few months to work on my credit. I re-visited the dealerships this week and thanks to my score drastically improved and I was able to qualify for a very reasonable rate. Thank you, you literally improved my way of life."

Brandon C.

"I had no hope. I thought I would never be able to build my credit; I could not even get approved for a gas card. turned all of that around with their equipped skills and fast attacking methods; my credit is finally getting where I want it and now I'm looking into buying a house... is a team that makes dreams come true. Thank you!!!"

Aneurin N. Oklahoma City, OK

"I didn't realize how many negatives inputs were on my report, but not only worked on items on my credit report but also gave me step by step information as well as the reason for steps taken with results."

Suslin L. Miami, FL

"I have just started with my process and it has been seamless. I hope that it stays this way and I get my goals taken care of in a timely manner."

Lesleigh H. Brownwood, TX

"Your services have helped me along my way to clearing items that are not mine, my credit score is going up...It all takes a while, but be patient it all will work out, and you're on your way to have good credit again."

Tammy B Red Bluff, CA

"Very fast service...#1 when it comes down to credit repair."

James B. Dallas, TX

"Very simple to work with. Easy to monitor your progress. Fast results!"

Christopher W. Memphis, TN

"I can honestly say that all my credit problems that I contacted about were worked on and solved and the best part is that they continue to monitor my report and send me alerts if negative items appear on my report."

Marsha T. Brooklyn, NY

"Before I started receiving help from I thought my credit was un-repairable, but reassured me that they could help my credit. It has been a process, but my credit is better, my goal is to purchase a home, and I think they will help me accomplish this goal."

Elaine R., Birmingham, AL

"Before I started my credit was terrible. This team really knew what I needed to get my credit back on track. came up with a game plan to help me. So far my experience with them has been outstanding."

Jeanette S., VA

" has been invaluable to us in correcting negative information that was wrongfully placed on our credit reports. Without their assistance it would have taken us much too long to get everything corrected. Theirs is a service that no one should be without."

Paul B., Laconia, NH

"I'll admit that I was reluctant at first but in the first 30 days I was a believer in this company. They made no promises to me but they were optimistic. It's now been 4 months and they have moved me to a 625. The best part for me though, is that they never call me. I get messages and emails about progress but I don't have to do anything."

David D., Arlington, TX

"Thank you for helping me get my credit back."

Charles R., Hammond, IN

"My initial contact with the company, the rep was so nice and she helped me through the process and explained how this could benefit me. I liked that she asked questions about me and what it is that I wanted, then went to suggest the best services for me. The fee is very convenient for the service that they are offering to us."

Tameria T., MD

"I was not sure about the service, but now I have been in it for about four months and I'm very happy to be in it."

Evet T., Aurora, IL

"It has been awesome being a customer for y'all. I feel so happy that my credit is finally getting on the right track. Thank you"

Edaurdo B., Carthage, TX

"I feel is doing a good service to our fellow man. Helping us get our credit scores in a good standing order and getting the bad credit off our credit report."

Janet C., San Benito, TX

"I never knew that there was something like this. I'm very impressed. Very understanding and you guys did a great job. Thank you."

Randy S., Memphis, TN

"I'm very grateful for the service because from the first day I start using the service they never made me waste my money and time. I recommended to anybody. Very serious people and the operators take the time to explain the process. "

Jamie Q., Katy, TX

"Excellent service; representatives go above and beyond to meet the customers' needs."

Quincy J., Killeen, TX

"I was feeling like it was hopeless to get credit back after filing for bankruptcy. With the economy and everything else going on in the world it seemed hopeless for my credit: high interest rates, and couldn't get any loans. With prayer and things are turning around for me. "

Edris R., Chicago, IL

"I was able to talk with trained professionals anytime I called in and they were able to answer my questions thoroughly, the only problem I disliked is they asked me to have the inquiry's removed, I felt if this affected my score and the service was to improve that than they should have handled that part also. (My personal opinion)"

Almeta J., Richmond, VA

"My credit score was 420 and I had work on it for me. It has raised up to the 600 level. Thank you so much. "

Loretta F., Galena, AK

"Up until now I never knew how to get my bad credit fixed; thanks to it's on the right track and I'm hoping to get the house of my dreams and have a wonderful life with my new family."

Phil B., Mckeesport, PA

"We are new members and so far your establishment, in a short period, has turned my husband's credit scores around"

Ryan M., Durham, NC

"Without a doubt I was at the end of my rope and profoundly desperate to turn my credit score around. I was tempted to consult with individuals who were promising and guaranteeing quick results for an astronomical fee. After speaking with a representative, I felt comfortable and was willing to give them the opportunity to assist me and I have been exceptionally satisfied with their service."

Issac S., Houston, TX

"I had virtually had nowhere to turn as I tried to reconstruct this area of my life until I began to search the net for solutions. I spoke with a representative of and was immediately assured that this was the safest and legal approach to resolving my credit issues. What I really like is the daily update and the activity being reported."

Issac S., Houston TX

" has removed things that I thought would be on my credit for a lifetime and things that have been on there since I was younger. I will always use them."

Monica J., La Marque, TX

"I just signed up yesterday. The sign up process was fast and easy. The rep was very knowledgeable. I'm looking forward to getting my results. I will keep updating my status to help others lean towards I was initially going to use Lexington Law but decided to try instead. "

Belen N.

"In the past 2 months I have had 8 derogatory items taken off including a judgment and a child support issue that had been paid on time for 7 years, but still reported late. I am excited to see what else will happen."

Robert G. Somersworth, NH

"My experience with has been great! I was so surprised when I saw how many negative items were removed from my report. In the past I tried resolving these issues myself and it was such a hassle. was so quick and made the job so easy. I'm recommending them to my family and friends."

Melva M., Fort Worth TX

" is a great program to be a part of."

Eloy M. Mercedes, TX

"My credit was at an all-time low and I did not know what I was going to do. got my credit reports straightened out and I can now go on with my life being able to afford the things that make life worth enjoying again like loans for a home at a reasonable rate instead of being turned down before I even get to first base. Thank you!"

Mike G. Mesa, AZ

"I appreciate the progress on my credit report! And I really like the way they keep me posted, they let me know what's going on with my credit repair!"

Martin M. Long Beach, CA

"Love the rates, as well as the customer service feedback."

Angelo H. Arlington, TN

"The experience with has been not only phenomenal but life changing. Not only have they helped my credit score go up significantly but it has also given me a peace of mind knowing that I wont have to deal with the credit agencies myself. I am truly grateful for allowing me to achieve my life long goals."

Deliris A. Richmond, VA

"Since being with I have been receiving continual updates on my credit scores and items being removed that have no business being on my credit reports."

Stanley R. Concord, AR

"My credit score has improved since I started using your service"

William L. Batesville, AR

"When I first started with my credit was in poor shape with a few collection accounts that I was not aware of. I was looking for a home mortgage loan and was sure it would never get it approved based on my scores, but in less than 3 months, and with the help of, almost all of the negative items were removed and I was able to get my loan. Thanks for the help."

Mario R. Naperville, IL

"I'm very pleased that after all these years I can finally fix my credit, and get it to where it used to be. I never knew that there was a place or company that can help you restore your credit. I'm glad I took the first step to fixing my credit. I'm happy that is helping me with my situation and hopefully I can get my house soon. I want to thank for taking the time to help me with my situation."

Sophia R.

" is an exceptionally wonderful company for people with the desire to improve their credit. There are people who will work with you to answer any questions you may have and will work with you in your journey to improve your credit. Most importantly, they will intervene on your behalf to remove negative information from your credit report."

Angela M.

"The experience with has been not only phenomenal but life changing. Not only have they helped my credit score go up significantly but it has also given me a peace of mind knowing that I wont have to deal with the credit agencies myself. I am truly grateful for allowing me to achieve my life long goals."

Deliris A. Richmond, VA

"Since being with I have been receiving continual updates on my credit scores and items being removed that have no business being on my credit reports."

Stanley R. Concord, AR

"My credit score has improved since I started using your service"

William L. Batesville, AR

"When I first started with my credit was in poor shape with a few collection accounts that I was not aware of. I was looking for a home mortgage loan and was sure it would never get it approved based on my scores, but in less than 3 months, and with the help of, almost all of the negative items were removed and I was able to get my loan. Thanks for the help."

Mario R. Naperville, IL

"I'm very pleased that after all these years I can finally fix my credit, and get it to where it used to be. I never knew that there was a place or company that can help you restore your credit. I'm glad I took the first step to fixing my credit. I'm happy that is helping me with my situation and hopefully I can get my house soon. I want to thank for taking the time to help me with my situation."

Sophia R.

" is an exceptionally wonderful company for people with the desire to improve their credit. There are people who will work with you to answer any questions you may have and will work with you in your journey to improve your credit. Most importantly, they will intervene on your behalf to remove negative information from your credit report."

Angela M.

"I started with on 9/11/12 and when I checked my score February 14, 2013, it was 660. I was able to purchase my 1st home in April. Thank you :)"

Mary H. Brooklyn, NY

"This company is great. I'm already minus more than half of my negatives & working on purchasing a house, thank you "

Theo P.

"I have used this company for only a month so far. I received notice that 2 negative items have been removed from my credit report. I am looking forward to more positive results in the next month or two."

Jeffrey H.

"I started a couple of months ago and since then my credit score has gone up. I love this service and how they take off the negative items on my report. I would recommend this service if you are looking to repair your credit and get the bad things off your report!! When I get finished with mine my boyfriend is going to sign up and we are going to work on repairing his and taking off any negatives he may have. He too is excited to get his started after seeing the results from mine!!"

Rebecca F. Yukon, OK

" helped me understand my credit and how to better myself in keeping it up"

Michael H. Cabot, AR

"I have been very pleased with their customer service and quick replies to any questions I might have regarding my credit repair. I am updated on the progress via texts and email regularly. I am looking forward to the end results of my credit score. I have recommended to my friend as well."

Gaylene T. Poteau, OK

"Credit repair has efficiently and aggressively communicated with my debtors in reference to removals of discrepancy credit issues on my credit report. They have successfully raised my credit score. Thank you credit repair!"

Shawn L. Carol Stream, IL

"To say that managed to raise my rating from 676 to 795 in 4 months should say it all! Only need to be more aggressive, faster and kick butt harder. Sometimes it seems they are dragging their feet to keep you paying the membership fee. Otherwise, they are THE BEST! LOVE THEM!"

Milan R. Las Vegas, NV

"To everyone at You guys are fantastic in our book! Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all the great work you've done helping us in repairing our reports with all the bureaus. Our scores went up much faster than we expected them to and you even managed to fix several items that were not ours and that we couldn't get done ourselves. Great job thus far. Keep it up. We would be happy to recommend your service to anyone who might be in need. Have a great day and God bless."

Paul B. Laconia, NH

"I went and got a new car in Feb 2013 signed the contract and drove off with my new car. A few weeks later I get a call that the financing had fell through or that's what I was told so I returned the car after realizing it wasn't worth it with an interest rate at 22%. I decided to go ahead and start the process of having a house built but found out my credit score had been knocked down by 100 points so I called I'm so happy with the outcome - I can't wait to see my results for the month of April."

Sherrece H. Indianapolis, IN

"I'm very excited and relieved that someone will be able to help me get my credit score up and be able to guide me through the whole process and may be able to help me get the home that our family will be able to function in much better."

Gina, TX

"After talking with, I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Greg, FL

"I had unsuccessfully used another credit repair company with no results and no feedback, but in just the few days that I have been working with I have been well informed and when I have had to call all my questions have been answered and I was not made to feel like it was a bother for my call."

Joyce M. Winston Salem, NC

"You were very efficient and had results in the first month. I liked that we knew what was going on every step of the way."

Melissa A. Hanover, PA

"So far they have been willing to help. They explained every aspect of what actions were going to be taken to help repair my credit. This is the help I need to get into a house to be able raise my kid. If this service helps I will stand on my own roof top and shout it to the world that is the best in the business!"

Jorge M. Bismarck, AR

"Very courteous, professional and knowledgeable staff."

Anthony R. Hacienda Heights, CA

"Thanks for cleaning up my credit report. 6 months to get my rating from a 522 to 692. Expert customer service and the help an every day joe needs"

Joseph L. Sergeant Bluff, IA

"Since I joined my score has soared from 520 to 600 in a short time. Thanks."

Roy S. Memphis, TN

"I was referred to Oct 2012. I spoke with a representative and they went to work on my credit report. As of March 2013 there are only 4 negative reports left to be removed. I'm very pleased with the service and would recommended them to anyone"

Robert D. Dixon, MO

"I just want to say how great it is working with and how much hope you guys have given me. You have made great strides in just a few short months and I am sure to reach my goal before this year is over. Whenever I call, and I call a lot, you are never too busy to talk to me and I knew from the very first interview that you truly care about your customers. With all my heart I am truly grateful."

Elaine H. Miami, FL

"I started with a score of 524 and in 4 months I now have a 633 and its getting better. Yes, that isn't the best score but it is high enough where I can get a loan or an unsecured credit card and participate in the world around me. Yet I see this service not being a long time commitment, I would absolutely recommend it to others."

Travis L. Deridder, LA

"This company is amazing!! We have worked with them for about four weeks now. When I say worked, I mean, gave them info and sat back and watched. Thank you for making this process so stress free!!!"

J. Savage, UT

"Thanks to, I've been able to get my life back and have a brighter future!"

C. Roulette, KS

"OMGosh! This is the BEST $$ I've spent in a LONG time! Due to loss of income-we went from dual to single-for over a year... Our credit scores dropped significantly because we were paying the basics: shelter, transportation, and food! Needless to say in just a few weeks of starting the program we are both seeing excellent results!"

Aliya J., MA

"Wow, before I found this company my credit was terrible. went in, did their job, and I sat back. Three months later I have major credit cards and I just purchased a 2013 Mazda 6, no money down and low APR... saved me a lot of time and money. I'm on my way to 780 with the help of"

Kenneth D., PA

"I had unsuccessfully used another credit repair company with no results and no feedback, but in just the few days that I have been working with I have been well informed and when I have had to call all my questions have been answered and I was not made to feel like it was a bother for my call."

Joyce M. Winston Salem, NC

"You were very efficient and had results in the first month. I liked that we knew what was going on every step of the way."

Melissa A. Hanover, PA

"So far they have been willing to help. They explained every aspect of what actions were going to be taken to help repair my credit. This is the help I need to get into a house to be able raise my kid. If this service helps I will stand on my own roof top and shout it to the world that is the best in the business!"

Jorge M. Bismarck, AR

"Very courteous, professional and knowledgeable staff."

Anthony R. Hacienda Heights, CA

"Thanks for cleaning up my credit report. 6 months to get my rating from a 522 to 692. Expert customer service and the help an every day joe needs"

Joseph L. Sergeant Bluff, IA

"Since I joined my score has soared from 520 to 600 in a short time. Thanks."

Roy S. Memphis, TN

"I was referred to Oct 2012. I spoke with a representative and they went to work on my credit report. As of March 2013 there are only 4 negative reports left to be removed. I'm very pleased with the service and would recommended them to anyone"

Robert D. Dixon, MO

"I just want to say how great it is working with and how much hope you guys have given me. You have made great strides in just a few short months and I am sure to reach my goal before this year is over. Whenever I call, and I call a lot, you are never too busy to talk to me and I knew from the very first interview that you truly care about your customers. With all my heart I am truly grateful."

Elaine H. Miami, FL

"I started with a score of 524 and in 4 months I now have a 633 and its getting better. Yes, that isn't the best score but it is high enough where I can get a loan or an unsecured credit card and participate in the world around me. Yet I see this service not being a long time commitment, I would absolutely recommend it to others."

Travis L. Deridder, LA

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