Is credit repair worth it for you?

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If you’ve ever struggled with your credit, you may have wondered if it’s possible to get back on track. Managing credit cards, loans and other bills all at once can be difficult—and that’s not even counting the trouble of keeping up with your credit report and monitoring for fraud. 

One possible way to figure out the next step for your credit journey is to work with a credit repair company. These companies can help you read your credit report, look for inaccurate information and file disputes with the credit bureaus that manage your credit information. Furthermore, a credit repair company can help you learn how to manage your credit better, potentially raising your score by teaching you the important factors that make up your credit score.

While it’s totally possible to improve your credit on your own, leaning on the expertise of a credit repair company can help ease the burden of trying to figure everything out yourself. Read on to learn more about whether credit repair might be a good fit for you.

Can credit repair help you?

Credit repair is for anyone who wants to improve their credit with the help of professionals who already know the system. 

The process of credit repair has helped improve the credit of millions of people in diverse circumstances, regardless of age, race, gender, education or income. Working with a credit repair company offers the possibility to work on your credit without having to dedicate additional time or develop expertise on the credit system.

Is credit repair worth it?

Here’s how to know whether you would benefit from credit repair:

  • You want to improve your credit score. Working with a professional credit repair company means that you’ll have a thorough review of your credit report to find opportunities to hopefully improve your score, whether that means identifying inaccurate items that need to be addressed or learning what behaviors you can implement to help you maintain the health of your credit.
  • You want to work with professionals. It’s true: anyone can improve their credit on their own. That said, a professional company has years of experience working with the credit bureaus that they can use to assist you.
  • You want support filing a dispute. A professional credit repair company will help gather evidence, draft correspondence and communicate with the credit bureaus on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

Ultimately, starting the process of credit repair– is beneficial for almost anyone who has a lower credit score than they’d like. A credit repair company can inform you about the best next steps to take to improve your credit, which can set you in the right direction. 

What are the benefits of credit repair?

Credit repair is not an overnight fix, but many people do see results sooner than you might think

While some people recommend simply waiting for negative information to leave your credit report after seven years, it’s possible that inaccurate information could leave your report quicker with the proper intervention. 

Note: If you choose to go with a credit repair agency, in most cases it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to work to repair your credit.

What are the benefits of credit repair?

In addition to potentially helping you remove unfair, inaccurate and unsubstantiated negative items, a credit repair company can also help you manage your credit more effectively. Learning how to manage many forms of credit responsibly will have both short- and long-term benefits for your credit. Thus, a credit repair company can provide you with immediate support in challenging the credit bureaus as well as long-term skills that will help improve your credit for years to come.

Why work with a credit repair company?

Is credit repair worth it for you? Answering this question requires you to consider your current credit situation and goals. Also, you’ll want to assess whether you’d prefer to entrust the process to professionals or learn how to manage a credit dispute on your own.

Should you work with a credit repair company?
Credit repair company On your own
Time commitment Will manage the dispute process for you, reducing your time commitment substantially Often takes hours for each dispute, including gathering evidence and sending certified letters
Required knowledge Years of experience working with credit bureaus, including knowledge of laws and processes Must learn how to file a dispute and communicate with creditors. May need understanding of FCRA, FDCPA and FCBA—laws pertaining to credit
Cost Generally involves a reasonable monthly fee Free, although you may have to buy additional copies of your credit report

Overall, a credit repair company is often the right choice for many people, especially those who are unfamiliar with the credit system or the credit bureaus. The process of credit repair may be worth it for you if you’re looking to improve your credit and you need assistance reviewing your credit report for inaccurate information. 

If you are looking to improve your credit and need the help of experienced professionals, consider working with, a company with a history of helping customers file successful disputes and improve their credit.

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