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So how is geeky Kristy Welsh (former rocket scientist and current software guru) also a credit expert? After being laid off from her career in Aerospace engineering, Welsh served a short stint as a mortgage professional in the early 90s. It was there she first learned how to fix people’s credit in order to get her loans funded. When the Internet, recession and bankruptcy came knocking on her door all at about the same time, she learned web programming, database design and a lot more about credit and debt. As a hobby, and to fill a need in the credit knowledge deficit of the average person, Welsh founded in 1997.

From daily research and correspondence with the credit and debt challenged, Welsh turned the original 9-page site into a personal finance information powerhouse. In 2001, Welsh published Good Credit is Sexy, a tongue in cheek guide to restoring credit. The book is now in its 4th edition. In November 2013, Welsh retired from and was subsequently approached by to continue her conversation with the American public regarding all things credit and debt.

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