Guest Post: 5 Ways to Show Your Partner You Care on a Budget

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This blog post was contributed by Neely Moldovan of It Starts With Coffee.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it’s really easy to get caught up in spending money. Fortunately, you don’t have to max out your credit card to show your person you care (relationship red flags if it does). Here are a few ways to have a romantic Valentine’s Day on a budget:

  • Create a “Reasons I Love You” Jar: You can head to your local dollar store and find a jar of any size. Find some fun paper (also at the dollar store) and write reasons you love the other person on the strips of paper. Decorate the jar with stickers or paint.
  • Make a Scrapbook: No matter how long you have been with your partner very few things are as special as a scrapbook. It can be from a specific time (vacation, wedding, etc.) or the entire relationship. Most scrapbook items can be found for cheap prices at a craft or dollar store.
  • Cook Their Favorite Meal: This does not have to be expensive. Find out their favorite meal and cook it for them at home. Most grocery stores have great deals around holidays like Valentine’s Day for specials on products like steak and wine that are usually more expensive.
  • Complete a House Project: I know that a lot of people (including us) have a long list of house projects. Some are fun—some not so much. But I know for me having a house project completed as a surprise means so much! It can really make a huge difference to your partner.
  • Make a Basket of Their Favorite Things: This is such an easy thing to do. When you are with someone for a short or long time you can learn pretty quickly what kinds of things they love. Maybe it’s a certain kind of candy or coffee. Maybe you can print some photos of the two of you together. You can bake their favorite treat or even pick up a few things you know they’d love and put it all together in a basket you may already have laying around your house. It’s such a fun idea and really shows them how much you listen.

A Romantic Valentine’s Day for Under $50

Here are some ways to have a fun date with your partner under $50:

  • Have a staycation at home. Make a palette of pillows and blankets on the floor and watch movies, order pizza, make popcorn and enjoy some wine together.
  • Head to a dollar movie and see something you missed and head home to make dinner after.
  • Go on a picnic in the park and then walk on a trail. Pack your favorite foods and drinks and share all the things you love about the other person while enjoying the beautiful weather outside. If you live in a wintry state, see if your park has fire pits!
  • Head to a store like Target or Walmart and you can each spend $25 to plan part of a date for the other person.
  • Try a new workout class together (most places offer a free class for new people) then go have breakfast together!
  • If you currently have gift cards make a pact to have a fun day together doing things only using gift cards.
  • Take advantage of free activities in your city: many cities have free activities centered around holidays, such as free museum exhibits, events hosted at big parks, etc. Check your local newspaper and see what’s happening in your city.
  • Do an alternating date where you each take turns picking different, small dates. Perhaps one person finds a food truck to eat at, the next person finds a fun outdoor event going on for free, then back and forth but the catch is you can only spend $50 total over the course of the day. 

Showing your partner you care doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it will require some insight and creativity. By looking at them and seeing the things that matter to them, you can come up with ideas that don’t cost a lot of money but will absolutely show them how much you love them and listen to them.

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