Raised Credit Score from 633 to 708 in 5 months!

My name is Gina Taylor and I’m from Richmond Virginia. A mother of three and a grandmother of four. I love it far more than I loved being a parent.

I was unemployed for six months and I lived on credit. I had one credit score of 633 so I was referred to a person who did their credit counseling and services and when I went and met with her, it was great! I paid her my money up front and I got nothing.

So going to someone to help me repair my credit when I realized that I needed to get my credit fixed, was awful. One day I was driving down the road and a CreditRepair.com commercial came on. And I said, “What can it hurt?” I’ve already given up $250 and got nothing. What can it hurt? So I called them. And actually, it wasn’t the automated system, which I hate, I got a person. Which was great for me. The only money they took up front was 13 dollars and that was to pull an Equifax credit report. They gave me my expectations and it wasn’t like the other person had me like in a couple of months, I’m gonna be you know. They say we’re gonna do this, this is we’re going to need from you, and if you do we need you to do, we’re gonna do wish you need us to do. We can’t tell you that it will be done in one month, two months, three months, but we can tell you that we can get it done.

That’s a partnership to me. You’re working for me but you’re working with me. I loved it. Let me go in and check my credit score. Yes! It’s gone up! CreditRepair.com is not just helping me; it’s setting the future from my grandkids.

And I mean, it’s not going up by five points or two points or three points, it’s actually went from one credit score to 3 credit scores, with a high of 708. Because of CreditRepair.com, I know that next year, the convertible that I’ve wanted since I was 16, I’ll be buying. But! I’m going to get a great car loan and a great rate. What makes me the happiest is I see a good future for my grand kids.

Not once have I been disappointed by CreditRepair.com. Not once. Everything they said in our initial conversation, everything they told me in our initial conversation they’ve been doing. CreditRepair.com charges a little in my book, it’s a little. And they give you a lot! We all go through things and I need to know there’s still good people. CreditRepair.com has great people working to give me the affirmation I need from a business that there’s still good. So thank you.

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