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So how is geeky Kristy Welsh (former rocket scientist and current software guru) also a credit expert? After being laid off from her career in Aerospace engineering, Welsh served a short stint as a mortgage professional in the early 90s. It was there she first learned how to fix people’s credit in order to get her loans funded. When the Internet, recession and bankruptcy came knocking on her door all at about the same time, she learned web programming, database design and a lot more about credit and debt. As a hobby, and to fill a need in the credit knowledge deficit of the average person, Welsh founded in 1997.

From daily research and correspondence with the credit and debt challenged, Welsh turned the original 9-page site into a personal finance information powerhouse. In 2001, Welsh published Good Credit is Sexy, a tongue in cheek guide to restoring credit. The book is now in its 4th edition. In November 2013, Welsh retired from and was subsequently approached by to continue her conversation with the American public regarding all things credit and debt.

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shutterstock_144461698 Most people have a basic knowledge of how credit scores work. Read More...
buy or lease car options image America is a car society, and unless you live in a place like New York City with its excellent mass transit systems, you need a car to get to get around. Read More...

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shutterstock_373988209 Having a good credit score is important to every American as it affects many things we encounter in our daily lives: credit cards, loans and even car insurance.  There are many places you can get a credit score: your bank, online and you may even be given a summary of your scores when you apply for a new loan.  You may have heard the term FICO score and VantageScore: which score are you getting and does it matter? Read More...

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shutterstock_277327427 When you become overwhelmed with bills, you find yourself making a choice between buying food, paying the electric bill or making your car payment.  If your immediate needs indicate that it’s time to choose to spend your money on something else other than your auto payment, the repo man may show up at your door fairly quickly.  What happens to your credit when this happens? Read More...


Your credit score is almost synonymous with your identity in the U.S.  Not everyone has a credit score, but your credit score or lack of it affects many aspects of your life: whether or not you get credit cards, get the best interest rates or even get the best insurance premiums. Read More...
shutterstock_241498225 Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce, so if you’ve ever been married, the chances of yours being a party to a divorce is high.  It’s an emotional time for many reasons: a divorce hits you at all levels: family, home and money. Read More...


Equifax did a study to commemorate Financial Literary Month in April 2016 and their online survey gathered responses from 1,008 consumers.  Overall, the study found that most Americans are aware of credit and how it affects them.  Here is a summary of its findings. Read More...
shutterstock_401897728 Although retirement may seem a long way off, it’s still good to start preparing for it now.  If you do start preparing for retirement, you can retire earlier and have more money to retire with.  Americans are notorious for having no retirement savings, a survey conducted by in October 2015 revealed that 1 in 3 Americans have no retirement savings, and 56% of those surveyed had less than $10,000 saved for retirement. Read More...

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shutterstock_306695765 It’s common in the loan industry for loans to be resold; this practice is best known in the mortgage industry with the sale of loans to the secondary markets Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Read More...

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shutterstock_134361983 According to the College Board, the cost of college has increased 13 percent for public four-year colleges and 11 percent for private nonprofit 4-year colleges in the last year. Read More...

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