Naomi Mannino

Naomi Mannino is a long-time freelance consumer personal finance, health, newspaper and magazine reporter who has covered smart spending, saving, credit, debt, shopping, banking, student loans, health insurance, medical and health news and how it will affect you today.

What prompted her interest in covering personal finance was her early experiences with credit cards and the successful completion of a debt management program in her mid-twenties when her credit card balances got out of control. What she learned during that process was priceless and now she shares those positive, tough lessons with you.

Naomi has a BBA in Marketing from Pace University in New York City with a minor in Consumer Behavior, which started her on a path as a retail industry copywriter and reporter. What she learned as a retail industry insider makes her a specialist in smart shopping and finding or taking advantage of deals and discounts.

She never writes about anything if she has not taken the advice from experts herself first! You can follow Naomi on Twitter @naomimannino.

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