Credit-Busting Triggers—What’s Your Vice?

Credit repair is like dieting: while the rewards can be great, achieving them is easier said than done. Adopting a new financial lifestyle can be tough, especially if you are tempted to return to your old ways. Identifying your financial junk food is the best way to combat these temptations. So, what’s your vice?


Common triggers include:

    • Stress. Poor stress management is a recipe for financial disaster. Trends in this area include:
        • Coping by shopping. You are a Shopping Spendthrift. Is your personal life out of control? Why not take a trip to the mall? Did your boss yell at you yesterday? Go ahead; buy that flat-screen TV. Rationalizations like these will lead to overspending and credit damage, adding yet another stressful item to your list. Next time, stop and breathe. Make better decisions.


        • Rushing. You’re not a spendthrift, but you don’t clip coupons, either. Your stressful life leaves little time to price compare, let alone focus on credit utilization. While we can’t change your schedule, we can recommend a wake-up call. Find the time to review your budget and implement cost-saving measures into your expenses. Saving money will help to lighten the load.


        • Stalling. You’ve been working on credit repair, but your progress has lagged in recent months. Despite your best efforts, your credit score continues to hover around the same number and your life isn’t improving. “Who cares,” you think, “I might as well go back to my old ways.” You may feel defeated by delayed progress, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your goals. Take another look at your credit repair strategies or seek a second opinion. The bottom line: Your score may be stalled, but it will never improve with the wrong attitude. Be your own advocate and stay on course.
        • “Steals.” As a cousin of the Shopping Spendthrift, you just can’t resist a “deal.” You convince yourself that sale items are within the limits credit repair; acceptable purchases that will not deter your efforts. Think again. “On sale” doesn’t equal “affordable.” Recognize the hype and rise above the marketing tactics. Your budget is the best guide to affordability. Stick with a system that works.


      • Self-reward. A sense of entitlement can lead to serious trouble, especially if you enjoy patting yourself on the back a little too often. Newsflash: Adulthood does not come with gold stars. Consider credit repair your reward. A better reputation, lower interest rates and insurance premiums, and increased savings should be reward enough. While the occasional splurge isn’t a crime, don’t allow yourself too much self-indulgence. Buy a lollipop and pull yourself together.


The moral here is simple: The next time you feel the effects of a trigger, STOP and examine your motivations. A clear head will help you make wise decisions, an asset to true and lasting credit repair. Value your goals more than your weaknesses.


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