Feng Shui Magic for Money and Credit Repair

Credit Repair

Get ready to take spring cleaning to a whole new level which might help you improve your credit score. This year, learn how to apply the ancient Chinese practice of space clearing, called Feng Shui, to your finances. The correct way to pronounce it is “fung-shway” and followers of Feng Shui aim to affect how the flow of energy, called “chi,” moves through your life, either stagnating or flowing freely. According to Practical Feng Shui, by Simon Brown, the chi energy you take in from your personal environment also influences your moods, emotions, physical energy and, over time, your health.

In this same way, piles of clutter, dirt, dust and objects in disrepair all reflect poorly on your finances in the same way.

Imagine what stagnated energy around your finances might look like in real life: Stacks of unpaid bills or debts, fewer hours at work, a demotion, money wasted, late fees, higher interest charges, and feeling like you can’t get out from underneath.

Now, imagine free-flowing energy around your finances: Bills paid on time with cash to spare, paying down debt, a raise or a promotion at work, a new job, taking action to improve your credit score, and building confidence in your financial abilities.

What if the simple act of clearing up the most common spaces in your life that directly touch your finances could help you attract opportunities for wealth and prosperity and they could flow easily into your life?

You’re probably wondering if this could really work. Well, motivational speaker and self-development author Wayne Dyer always said, “Our intention creates our reality.” So make a direct intention to improve your finances while doing your spring cleaning this year.

Around your home

Look around every room of your home objectively, paying special attention to the inside and outside of the front door area where all opportunities for wealth and prosperity enter. Move from room to room (not neglecting any rooms) with a pad and pen, making a list to repair, discard and clean up.

  • Improve the total room feeling: Look around the room as a whole for anything that does not absolutely please you and make a note to change or discard it. Does the furniture appear too large and bulky? Is it blocking windows, doors, outlets and corners so that the room is hard to navigate or difficult to use properly? Is the room or area dark, dank, dirty and uninspiring? If so, think about how you can rearrange the area, even clearing some unnecessary furniture or objects, repainting or adding brighter light or lighter curtains so the room functions perfectly and is more pleasing to you.
  • De-clutter: Are there too many knick-knacks, stacks of books and papers on the floor or surfaces, or other items that do not have a specific place? Give everything a place and discard the rest.
  • Repair disrepair: Are there any broken handles, dirty or stuck windows, objects which no longer function, cracked or broken decor, peeling paint or cracks, grime, and dust build-up? Fix it, clean it or discard it.
  • Stop leaks: Dripping or leaking faucets or toilets represent cash down the drain, literally, so make a plan to repair those plumbing (and cash) leaks. Similarly, keep all toilet lids and drains in the closed position when not in use.

Your Office

Since this is the place where you either earn your money, keep the files representing your money or both, keep this area clutter-free, in good repair, pleasing to you and organized.

  • De-clutter your desk: Get a desk system to use daily so you can clear up the day’s work clutter, especially if you’re someone who likes to make a mess while you work. Also, never disrespect your work files or financial papers by placing them on the floor. Clean up food crumbs or residue and throw out any used coffee cups or keep reusable mugs and coasters clean and shiny.
  • Organize files: If your bill pile is in disarray, make a point to organize it and give it a file that you can neatly store in a desk-top organizer.
  • Shine your computer: Keep your entire computer system free of cobwebs and dust so it functions perfectly and so your ideas and communications shine as brightly.
  • Empty trash: Throw away trash and keep waste baskets empty so there is no overflow of unneeded waste from yesterday.
  • Hang symbolic artwork: Consider a painting that represents flowing water, which symbolizes the flow of wealth, just don’t point the flow of water out the door.

Your car

This is your mini-home and how you go to work. If your car is filled with clutter and trash, or it is dirty and in disrepair, this will also reflect poorly on your attitude toward your job as well as your finances.

  • Clean and clear: Clean out door and seat pockets of used napkins and trash. Clean cup holders, doors and any other surfaces from food or drink residue and crumbs. Clean out the console and discard any broken, melted or spoiled items such as old makeup or lip balms, crinkled receipts, broken or unnecessary charger or aux cords. Use a carpet or upholstery cleaner to clean any stains or grime on arm rest consoles.
  • Organize the glove compartment: Your insurance and registration should always be easily accessible here, along with your car manual and repair history, if you have one. You might even add a receipt envelope to be cleared weekly or monthly.
  • Stash change or cash neatly: Keep these hidden, yet easily organized and accessible.
  • Shine up surfaces: Keep dust and grime off all the surfaces and chrome in your car so it has the ability to reflect wealth back to you.

Feng Shui help for your purse, handbag or wallet

According to a blog post written for the International Feng Shui Guild by Katherine Ashby, a Houston based Feng Shui professional, clutter and disarray in your wallet represents sloppy finances and a waste of money you are probably not even aware of.

  • Remove expired cards: Discard old cards you do not need.
  • Evaluate business cards: discard old cards to make room for new opportunities and connections.
  • Organize necessary cards: Separate and neatly place similar cards together for easy access: credit and debit cards, loyalty cards (retail or restaurant cards), identification cards (license, insurance card), emergency cards (AAA, health insurance).
  • Arrange cash and change: For those who throw change and cash haphazardly anywhere, get bills and coins neatly organized in one place to represent organized finances.
  • Reduce receipts: Receipts bulging from your wallet or purse is a sign that you are possibly overspending without ever evaluating purchases. Make a plan for your receipts which could be as simple as an envelope in your purse which you empty every month after you check them against your bank statement or transactions. Or, for guys, you can empty them from your wallet daily and transfer them to an envelope placed neatly on your dresser or in your top drawer.
  • Replace a tattered, over-stuffed or worn wallet or purse. Make sure you purchase a wallet or a purse you love that has more than enough room for your needs so that you symbolically attract more wealth and prosperity into your life.

And finally, never place your handbag on the floor as it is a sign of disrespect for your money and finances. There is even a saying that goes with it, “A purse on the floor is money out the door,” notes Ashby. So, install a hook or a shelf to elevate your purse (and your finances) at home and to give your money and your financial health the respect it deserves.

If you feel your credit problems are way beyond basic financial cleanliness, consider getting professional credit repair help. You can also carry on the conversation on our social media platforms. Like and follow us on Facebook and leave us a tweet on Twitter.

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