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Russ Parr Morning Show! On the phone line right now we have a credit expert, Lex Hadley with How you doing?

Hey! Great, thanks very much. Thanks for inviting me.

Alright great. You know, a low credit score can really cause you problems and I’ve had that problem. You know, especially over the years – credit disqualification for mortgages, car loans, even jobs man. It’s problematic. It really is. And you know, I just want everybody to hear from you how can really help them.

First what we do when people call in, we check your credit history by looking at a credit report and then we identify the best areas to focus on. You know the great thing about that consultation is – it’s free. There is absolutely no obligation at all.

And then if you decide to use us, we’ll start working immediately with both the creditors and the credit bureaus to improve your situation. It’s simple process – check, challenge and change – but incredibly effective.

Right, because listen folks, it’s hard to try to fix it on your own.

Take it from me. And I gotta tell ya is probably the best way to go. Now you can call 1 800 294 0861 right now for a free consultation. Now let me ask you how long does it take to really repair somebody’s credit?

Well you know, repairing your credit isn’t always a quick fix. But, we jump start the process by creating a detailed game plan given the communications between everybody nice and simple. The length of the time you stay with us is completely your decision. There is no long-term contract at all.

All you have to do call 1 800 294 0861.

Wait a minute, there’s no obligation? I mean, this is Iike, the service is month to month, right?

Yes, it is a month to month service absolutely. Now how do people know if it’s working?

Well your results will vary for each member. But there are some very clear indications that it’s working. Though we will keep you fully updated every step of the way, some people get a better credit score, some people get things removed from the credit report. But just as important though is that our members gain an education about what’s happening and what’s keeping their credit down. And, you know, gaining an education for a better future.

Right, well you know, I actually wrote down this number. Y’all take this number down. 800 294 0861 If you have any kind of credit repair questions or problems,

They can call you. Now again, how much does it cost?

Well the cost is far less of course than the cost of bad credit. I hear you! Bad credit scores as you said they stop people getting homes, cars, student loans, even jobs. So the value of a decent score can be priceless. Since we are a professional service we do charge a monthly fee but if you think about the long-term benefits, the cost of bad credit far outweighs the cost of our service. Absolutely. Let us help you because this is what we do. We repair your credit and to be honest we really rather good at it. Ha! Yeah, listen, trust me. I know that you are Listen folks, take this number down.

It’s really important 1 800 294 0861. Let the credit experts help you start repairing your credit.

Now if you’re lucky you might even get to talk to Lex cause Lex is a cool dude! You can hear him! 1 800 294 0861. Hey, listen Lex. I really appreciate you taking the time educating our listeners man.

Absolute pleasure.

Alright man. That number again, y’all. 1 800 294 0861!

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