Vicki’s Credit Story: How She Turned Her Life Around

Credit repair symbolizes a variety of goals. For some, it represents the ability to buy a home or send their kids to college. For Vicki Stovall of Wyandotte, Oklahoma, the goal was simply survival. Vicki contacted in December 2014 after the death of her husband and years of financial struggle. She needed a small personal loan to repair her car, but couldn’t secure credit approval. Several years prior, Vicki’s husband Tom was diagnosed with a serious illness, leaving him unable to provide for his family. Vicki retuned to the workforce but her salary wasn’t enough to pay the bills and cover Tom’s medical needs. The couple applied for federal disability in 2008, but it would be five years before their application was approved. In the meantime, Vicki’s credit sustained significant damage. advisor Sam Wagner spoke to Vicki about her situation. “Throughout talking with her, I found out that she had been through a great deal of hardships over the last few years,” Wagner said. “…I was aware that this was probably a service that she wasn’t going to be able to afford if I didn’t step in and try to do something for her.”

Sam spoke to his managers and nominated Vicki for a year of free service to help her regain credit control and provide her with personal relief. According to Vicki, the gesture has given her a newfound sense of energy and self-esteem:

“Since my last conversation with Sam on the telephone, my whole life has just completely turned around.”

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